Happy Easter!

So I’m writing this blog from my really comfy bed..on my own.. in the dark.. with a HOT cup of tea the hubs has just bought me.. it’s utter bliss!!!! He’s been away coaching all week so I’ve been flying solo with my troop of ladies, to say I’m pleased to have him home is an understatement!!!

We’ve had a great couple of weeks off for Easter, I particularly like this school holiday as it’s a bit longer than normal and we seem to cram lots of stuff in which is fab as it feels like you achieve something, you step off the ‘usual’ hamster wheel for a while!

We’re lucky that we’ve had some great weather so we’ve been able to get out and sort our garden, the kids are very much ‘outside’ babies so that helps as they are happy to potter about while we’re getting some jobs done. I’ve managed to paint their little Wendy house, and a blackboard on the wall outside our house which has proved a massive success!! We are trying to create a ‘funfilled’ place to play but still keep it as a garden we’d like to sit in!! It is like having our own nursery, but on the flip side they always have friends to play (or argue) with! 

We also managed some quality time with just Flo, we took her swimming and for lunch and then to the cinema, it sounds totally normal but Flo and us loved it. It’s so hard to try to juggle your attention for all the kids, any mother understands that guilt of trying to spend enough ‘time’ with one child let alone 4! I don’t know about anyone else but I often beat myself up that I don’t give them all enough time as individuals, I feel guilty they all have to ‘share’ ..their toys.. their rooms.. their clothes.. even their food! But then I look at it like- they will grow up understanding what it means to share, How to be kind to each other, How To listen to each other, and what it means to have a family that love one another. So as hard as it is some days I keep looking to the future!

Myself and Steve were lucky to get a bit of time together the first week at a trip to the races, it was so good to spend time together and with friends, it’s so important to make time for ‘us’ we always say ‘we’ came first, so we do make an effort to put ourselves back at the top of the list, we’re so lucky we have great parents that help with the girls so we can still make time for each other. 

Even though this week Steve has been away I still wanted to do something with the kids, I’m so lucky that my bestie and her husband wanted to spend some of the Easter hols with us! So with 4 kids strapped into the car, the boot full of stuff I set off to Norfolk to stay in Laura’s folks caravan for 4 days! Myself and the girls stayed in the static and Laurs, brown and the kids stayed in the camper, 3 Adults 6 children my ratio of kids had already halved!!! We all had a great time, the girls loved it, they went in the sea, built sand castles, went crabbing, ate fish and chips and plenty of ice cream!! I feel so lucky to be able to do stuff like this with them and have such great friends that help me to do so! I drove back late on the Thursday, the girls fell asleep in the car it’s points like this I miss the extra set of hands to unload them all once were home. It may not sound like a big deal, but unloading 3 sleeping toddlers, distributing them to their correct beds, then getting Flo into bed, then putting blackout blinds back up and unloading the car by yourself is quite knackering! Only to be woken at 6.30am to do it all again! Now you can see why I’m still hiding up in bed!!!

The girls have come on so much again in the last month, their speech has delevloped even more, I made Easter bonnets with them for the first time, they loved sticking all the bits on themselves! They are getting into watching films with Flo, it’s so lovely to see them copy Flo doing the actions or singing the songs! All in all we’ve had a great couple of weeks, the next school holiday will see us preparing for our loft extension!! Exciting times ahead for team Halsey, the family has grown next it’s our houses turn!

I’m off now to watch the girls eat copious amounts of chocolate before packing them off to their nanny and pappys!!!!..


2 years and still surviving…

I can’t quite believe that this time 2 years ago I was laying in bed looking like a massive walrus, feeling very apprehensive about the next day, and meeting our 3 little girls. I can still remember it all so clearly, the journey to the hospital in oxford, the waiting room, and every part of the amazing delivery of our 3 beauties!!

The whirlwind of hospital life, seems like a lifetime ago yet it also only feels like yesterday. Your ‘parent’ brain has a clever way of remembering all the good experiences, it kind of erases the crap stuff, so I pretty pleased I started blogging to remember everything, good, bad and ugly!!

I still remember holding our girls for the very first time, they were so tiny and seemed so helpless, it was hard to imagine we’d ever get to this point. Now they are walking, running, jumping, chatting, singing and playing it’s so incredible to see them now- they’ve made so many developments, it’s hard to believe they were 2 months premature!!

So this week my eldest baby turned 5, she has been a total superhero throughout the last 2 years. She has gone from being the centre of our world for 3 years to suddenly having to share our attention not just in half but four ways!!! She has been the most caring and kind big sister to Eden, Amber and Erin, and a huge help to me. It’s been lovely to watch the relationship develop between her and the trio, she loves the girls, and is as much of a teacher to them as I am. They love to copy her, play with her toys and run around together, I hope it’s a bond that continues as they grow.

Now I’m looking back it does seem pretty nuts everything that’s happened over the last 2 years! The girls are actual little people!! Eden is a real character, she’s a happy, funny,  loving little girl, she’s pretty stubborn but knows how to say sorry! I’ve never known a child to chat so much, she literally never shuts up, which does a times prove testing!!!! Amber is a confident little sole, she isn’t afraid to try things and has definitely inherited my facial expressions! She’s more often than not the peace keeper between the 3 of them, and is normally the first to do things. Then there’s our littlest Erin, she is a quirky little girl, very cute and smiley, but has a proper temper!! She loves to dance and sing, and has constantly got someone else’s shoes, hat or bag on her!! Nothing is ever where you leave it when Erin’s around!!! The bond between them is unexplainable, they do love to be together and miss each other if one isn’t there. It’s interesting seeing the bond between Erin and Amber as they are identical twins, they do share little moments together, laughing or cuddling or pulling all the roll of toilet paper off the reel then hiding together when I ask what they’ve been doing!!!

Each day brings new challenges, but it also brings such great times. Is it awful to say I actually like them now!!!?? I feel like the hamster wheel I’ve been unable to get off of is slowing down, making it easier to organise life and generally gain a bit more control. Don’t get me wrong there are some days I’d like to climb into the wardrobe a bugger off to narnia, but as that is just fiction I keep on keeping on!!

So all that’s left this weekend is to celebrate the girls reaching their 2nd birthday, for me and Steve staying strong as a couple, and doing the best we can, and to have a glass or two of bubbly to say thank you to everyone that has helped, and continues to help us and our 4 beautiful daughters on this crazy ride which we call ‘life’!!



Eden, Amber, Erin & Flo


Welcome to 2017!!

Firstly happy new year! I seriously don’t know where the last year has gone!? We’ve enjoyed so much together as a family and with our friends through 2016, it has been a good one for sure! We’ve had some great holidays, lovely summer fun, made some great memories with family and friends and we had the triplets christened. Looking back we’ve grown so much as a family of 6. 

Having said that the last few months I’ve also found really difficult and I’ve probably had some of the darkest days since having the girls nearly 2 years ago.We always joked at the beginning ‘the first 6 months will be the hardest’ well, as those months rolled into 9 months, then 12 months we were like, ‘maybe the first year will be the most difficult!’ Don’t get me wrong life now is alot easier than feeding 3 babies every 3 hours, plus not having to sterilise everything in sight, but the age they are at now brings new challenges. They are all walking, running, climbing, chatting and sometimes what I find difficult is they are 3 separate people with different wants and needs! 

So in September Flo started school, she is absolutely loving it and has settled in well which I guess is one less weight off my mind! Starting school though has been a real eye opener for me, if I thought it was tricky some days before, well think again! Getting 4 little people ready and out the door for the school run is a mission in itself some mornings, but then there’s the getting them all there, firstly we walk as it’s only up the road, so into the double buggy go 2 kids and 1 in my rucksack! (The triple doesn’t fit through the classroom gate so this is my only option!!) so by the time we get home from the school run I already feel like I’ve ran a marathon and it’s not even 9.30am!!!! 

Then I try to go to groups or meet up with friends to try and remain ‘normal’ but again it’s little things like lugging 3 toddlers in and out the car, trying to make sure nobody runs off while your getting them out one by one, or refereeing the fight that’s about to start as they all want to walk not go in the buggy!! Then trying to plan so they get a nap in to avoid world war 3, if they fall asleep in the car I then have to do 3 shuttle runs up and down stairs, I’m like some sort of parenting ninja tiptoeing up and down to avoid any wake ups so I get at least one hot cup of tea that I actually drink! In a nutshell it’s exhausting!!!

Needless to say over the last few months there have been quite a few tears from me, feeling like I’m losing the plot, and strangely alone which is ironic as I’m surrounded by so many children. Luckily I have great friends and a husband I can talk to, who all let me know I’m doing a good job (it is hard to believe sometimes when your just shattered) I knew this journey would be challenging, and not for one second did I think it would be easy, but I guess I didn’t realise with the amazing highs there also comes amazing lows. Nobody tells you about them though do they!? Thankfully I have some awesome mum friends that support me more than they know, and make me realise whether you have 1 child or 10 it’s normal to feel kind of crap sometimes and it DOES NOT define you as a person!!!!

So this year my pact to me is to stop being so tough on myself, know that I’m doing the best I can and most importantly be grateful for the 4 beautiful children we made that won’t be little for long, and this time will all be a hazey slightly sleep deprived memory!!

When I look back over the last year (with my logical non tired head on!) I realise just how far the girls have come, the milestones they achieved, their little personalities that are developing and the lovely bond growing between them and their big sister, I feel so very very proud of how we are raising our ‘team’ and if this year is half as good as the last we’ll be in for a good one!! Here’s to being happy and healthy for 2017! 

Where does the time go?….

I can’t believe the girls are 18 months already! It has been 5 months since my last blog post, I guess time just ran away with me, I have literally turned into my mum saying ‘time flies as you get older’!! But seriously it does and what the hell did I do with all my time before our tiny army came along!!?? So much has happened in a matter of months, it’s been amazing to see the girls grow not only physically but mentally. They have gone through their babbling stage to now saying words and having an understanding of conversation. They love their food and are nearly able to feed themselves with their forks and spoons. They are all walking too it’s so lovely to see them all toddling about and how they chase around after their big sister! It seems like a lifetime ago they were tiny, helpless little preemie babies in incubators, yet it feels like only yesterday, it’s hard to process just how much has happened! 

We’ve had a great few months, we took our first trip at the start of the summer as a family of 6 down to Devon with our gosset ward besties and their twins, it was a huge success! We packed up the touran full to the rafters, plus we’ve invested in a roof box! (Seriously when did we get so old!!!?) The kids loved being outdoors and playing together and we enjoyed our friends company, it gave us a little glimpse at how fab our holidays will be in years to come once the girls get a little older. Then in August we had a week away in wells, we took our parents which was really nice to have extra hands, but also lovely to get family time together. 

The girls made huge breakthroughs over the week we were away then the last few weeks of the summer holidays. They are walking all the time now and can tell you pretty much what they want, which makes life a whole lot easier but also a whole lot noisier!!! 

I love watching their little personalities emerging, they are all so different but in many ways alike. Amber is the most forward with her speech and fun loving personality, she loves being around other kids and always wants to be in the mix, Erin loves to copy her twin, they are so very similar in some ways but different in others, she is a lot quieter, but very crafty, it’s almost like she knows she was the smallest and plays on it by getting carried around by her nannies!! Eden, well she is one on her own! She is a boisterous little bugger, but also very loving and cheeky!! I just stare at them some days and wonder how on earth all theses beautiful crazy little girls grew in my tummy!!? 

We’ve loved watching the olympics over the summer, it was great to see all the girls staring at the different sports (yes we did have it on our tv 24/7!!) Flo loved seeing Tracy (my former coach) now team GB trampoline coach on the tele, and it made it even greater to watch the first medal for my sport of trampoline from Bryony Page, it gave me goosebumps and made me excited to think of my girls in the future. I can’t help but wonder what sports they will get involved with growing up, will they even like sport?…. Umm I’m pretty sure they will, Steves already trying to put the idea of all being in a boat in their head!!

A new chapter is emerging in the Halsey household as of tomorrow, our big girl is starting school! We got her uniform all sorted and it made me realise in 3 years we’ll have bloody millions of uniforms to wash plus the expense of buying them in the first place!!… But until then I have to make sure all 4 of the girls are out the door ready to walk Flo to school. I’m pretty sure over the next year life will become pretty bonkers here in the mornings! The girls are quite helpful at the minute getting their shoes, but there are times when I’m chasing 3 small hooligans to try and strap them into the buggy or the car, you’d think I was electrocuting them the row they make some days!! Flo is so ready for school, but I will miss my little co pilot! She has been so helpful to me the last 18 months and has shown maturity beyond her years. I know every mum says their child is amazing, but Flo really is! It’s time for her to start her little life journey and make new friends, learn new things and try her best at everything, which I know she will do. 

So my life with only 3 kids in the day should be a piece of piss huh!!??, well I’ll keep you posted!…..

1 year since coming home

This past Friday saw 1 year since we brought the girls home from the hospital. It feels like a lifetime ago they were on Gosset ward, but at the same time looking back through our pictures it feels like yesterday!

I love to look back at how they’ve changed, but to be honest I do prefer them now, i found the baby stage really tough, and to have 3 at once well some days I wanted to run away and never come back!!! I’m so thankful we had Flo, it makes each day easier seeing how lovely she’s growing up it reminds me they won’t be little for long, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel!!! 

We’ve had  an up and down month or so with illness, then getting hit by an uninsured driver that wrote our car off! So things were a bit tricky with logistics, but finally now we have some new wheels!! We went for a VW touran it’s a fab family car, the girls are all in forward facing car seats now, it really feels like we’re moving out of the ‘baby’ stage. 

It’s been a whirlwind year, many times I’ve doubted whether I can do this, sleep deprivation, screaming babies and being sometimes confined to four walls is enough to tip anyone over the edge!! When I’m thinking clearly, I look back and can’t believe how well we’ve done as a family! To go from 1-4 children in one hit has been absolutely nuts! If you have kids, imagine for a minute the night feeds for not one but three.. The nappy changes.. The car seats.. The buggies.. The cots.. The baby grows.. The toys.. And weaning for three!! It’s just insane! And to think we still have walking, tantrums and potty training to come!!!….Everyday brings a different challenge, but one I’m actually starting to enjoy! They have come on so much since being tiny dots in their incubators, it’s almost hard to remember their little snuggy toys used to cover their entire bodies, now they are crawling, pulling theirselves up to stand and chattering away! Whatever the next year holds were looking forward to it, the hardest part (in my eyes) is done, so roll on the next 18 years of chaos were ready for you!!! 

1 year ago 

Unbelievably a year ago today we were in the John Radcliffe hospital preparing ourselves for the birth of Eden, Amber and Erin. At the time were not thinking much ahead of the next 24hrs, let alone a year ahead. 

It’s been a quick year, but yet it seems so long ago that we were in the hospital having had our 3 tiny daughters delivered. To look at them now it’s hard to believe how small and fragile the girls were. 

There have been some tough times over the last year, the initial days in the NICU, the saying goodbye everyday whilst they stayed on Gosset ward, the sleepless nights when they came home, there has been numerous times I’ve thought ‘I just can’t do this’ ‘I’m not the right person for this job’ and needless to say there have been tears! As hard as its felt at times there’s not been a day where I’ve regretted the decision to ‘keep’ all 3 babies. Yes it still blows my mind if I think about it too much, but I still firmly believe that you are only sent things your able to deal with. 

I’ve been looking back at pictures of our journey over this last year, it is incredible how far the girls and us as a family have come. Thankfully we now have a sleep pattern, no more night feeds, it feels like a lifetime ago when we were feeding 3 babies every 3 hours and now they are sat up at the table with us eating actual food, we have our first crawler with Erin (so much for her being the smallest, that one will be first to everything, bugger being small!!) Amber is a little chatterbox, she worries me the most health wise as soon as she gets a cold it drops to her chest hopefully she’ll grow out of it!? And Eden… Well she’s an absolute beaut, she’s a chunky chilled happy little girl!! Seeing how the girls have grown and watching their personalities develop over their first year has been amazing. We have 3 happy content little babies (still with a bit of their mothers temper at times!) each day now they are doing something new, I love to watch how they interact with each other, one thing is for sure they know who their big sister is! I can’t say enough how proud I am of our beautiful Florence, life could have been even more challenging if Flo was a typical 3 year old! Thankfully we have (somehow) raised the most kind, caring, helpful and understanding little girl, there are many days when she is my saviour, one day when she reads this she realise how truly brilliant she has been with the life changing arrival of 3 baby sisters! Well done Flo your a star. 

There are many tough days, but it does feel like everyday that passes it becomes a bit easier!? One thing is for sure I could not do this without my amazing parents, mother in law, and our friends. So many times I’ve roared to them saying I can’t do it anymore!! Their always there to pick up the pieces and shove me and my hareem of children back in the right direction!! And then there’s Steve.. The hubs, I am so lucky to have met a man who’s such a hands on dad, he is brilliant with all the girls, we take turns with stuff at home so neither of us feel overwhelmed, it’s true what they say.. ‘Team work makes the dream work!!’ 

I’m not sure what the future holds, all I know is we’ve survived the first year without killing anyone or ourselves that’s pretty impressive right!!!?..



Happy New Year!!

I’m writing our blog today whilst chilling on the sofa with a cuppa, it’s been a crazy few days so it’s nice to just sit and relax! Well, Christmas has been and gone, is it me or does time go faster and faster each year!? We had a pretty quiet Christmas, we spent it at home with our folks, we’d all been ill again so it was quite tiring having 3 babies plus me and Steve feeling crappy, but we made it great for Flo who found everything magical! She is at the lovely age to really enjoy it, it did make me think how special it’ll be in a couple of years when all of them really ‘understand’ what’s happening!

Since our last blog we’ve had another stint in hospital with Amber, bronchiolitis again the poor little thing, we were in for 4 days this time, it becomes tricky trying to juggle everything at home, plus Flo, and work etc, luckily Steve is a real hands on Dad and the nights I stayed in hospital he held down the fort at home and vice versa.
Just before Christmas we took Eden to the doctors as she had really weepy eyes and once again we were sent to the hospital with her breathing, luckily they only kept her until the evening, but once one baby gets ill it’s not long before the others come down with it too!
We’ve resigned ourself to the fact that the girls are going to have times when they are in the hospital, as soon as they get a cold they do struggle with their breathing, it’s really difficult as their is nothing you can do to help them, 1 poorly baby is a worry let alone 3!
So needless to say the amazing bedtime routine and sleeping through the night which we managed to get for about 2 weeks has totally been shattered with coughing, puking or generally miserable little ladies! But fear not, we think we are coming to the end of it!?…. Famous last words!!
We’re hoping the new year will bring us happy and healthy children, because God knows I need a bloody rest!!!!
We are so lucky to have amazing family and friends that have helped us out so much in 2015, the times where we thought we couldn’t do it they’ve been there to help, sometimes taking all our girls so we can get a bit of time together as a couple, I seriously don’t know what we’d do without them, I most certainly wouldn’t be sane!!!
On a positive note we have 3 clever little babies that are now 10 months old (8 months corrected) they can sit up, roll over, still not quite crawling but it won’t be long, they wave and have really started interacting with each other it’s so cute to see their bond as sisters growing.
It feels like a lifetime of newborn babies but at the same time I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year and how far they’ve come from the tiny dots they were! I’m so excited to see what 2016 will bring to us as a family, we’ll carry on doing what we’re doing, were bumbling through this milarki pretty well I think!!!??…


image Picture of our girls taken by Alisdair Tait wearing head bands made by Jelly Threads