Monday 20th October – The 12 week scan

The afternoon started like any other trip to the hospital – parking was horrific! After Steve dropped me off in fear of being late for our appointment and him having to run to the hospital after having to park the car in a near by street he nearly missed the scan!  Thankfully the hospital allowed another couple to go ahead of us so Steve could be there….. and thank god he was!!!!

We started to initially suspect that not all was normal when the lady performing the scan was taking so long.  Immediately the negative thoughts start running through your mind “is everything ok?” “what has the lady seen that’s not normal that’s resulting in her taking so long”.  It must have been a while as Steve asked the question of “is everything ok?” before she spoke.  This made me panic a little and ask “Is there a baby in there?!”. To which she replied  “Oh yes”.  At this point I asked “God is there more than one?!!”.  “Let me just check on the screen what I am seeing is right…. this is IVF? isn’t it?”.  To which our answer rang out in unison of “NO!”.  She then couldn’t be more apologetic, and began to show us on the screen what she had been looking at…  she said “there’s definitely more than one, and if what I am seeing is correct there is three!”.  In a state of shock the two of us didn’t speak as she showed us on the screen “here’s baby one…. here’s baby two…. and here’s baby three”.  Our responses were polar opposites – Steve burst out laughing and I burst into tears!

The next few minutes, hours, days were a daze of telling close relatives and friends and seeing their changing emotions of joyful laughter and celebratory congratulations followed by apprehension, followed (largely by Steve’s friends) of piss take and humour (well what else can people say and do?).  After a few days as the shock of the news started to sink in, it was becoming apparent our life as a family of three would be changing forever.

If we thought this day was a shock, there were still plenty to come as trips to see specialists at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital were booked in for the FIVE of us!



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