The rollercoaster of weeks 15-20

As we left our first appointment at the JR hospital they made it clear that we would be under regular care from them.  This initially started off as appointments every 2 weeks…. initially!  Thankfully we have amazing parents who were more than willing to look after Flo for these appointments which in reality took up most of the day.  With regards Steve having the time off from work to come with me, his School were brilliant.  The Principal and all the members of the PE department were brilliant in supporting us to allow Steve to regularly be out of work to attend all of our appointments.  My colleagues at NTGA were again brilliant and were always supportive with regards the time I needed for appointments and what I was able to actually do at coaching as I increasingly became more obviously pregnant.

Our next visit to the JR was for me to undergo a procedure of having a suture put in my cervix.  To be honest it wasn’t the most exciting prospect, but it was explained that this would be a procedure that would help reduce the risk of me going into premature labour.  As always, there was a slight risk of this causing a miscarriage, but this was low and we felt it was better to try and give the triplets the best chance.  The procedure was performed under an epidural and I was allowed to go home late that night.  While I was waiting for my legs to come back to life this gave Steve and I plenty of time to discuss all things baby related including formulating lists of potential names for boys and girls, as there was a chance of having both with one singleton and a set of identical twins.

During our next scan it became apparent that one of the twins was smaller than the other one and as a result the consultant was keen for me to be seen more frequently to closer monitor the growth of the triplets.  At this stage there was currently no signs of twin to twin syndrome or iUGR, however they said it was likely that this could occur in the future.  This news of these issues potentially affecting the triplets combined with the now weekly appointments I found emotionally and mentally very draining.  I am someone who likes to know what’s going on and have a certain amount of control over what’s going on in my life, I was finding this state of limbo hard to deal with.

As time went by the appointments went from every week to every ten days.  But every appointment still had a similar theme of everything is currently ok, but we are concerned about the rate of growth of the smaller twin and this could become an issue in the future.  Being able to talk to Steve and my friends and family was really important for me to keep a positive outlook through this time of feeling in constant limbo.  I never really felt able to be excited about the new additions to our family (start planning the decorating of the nursery and all the things I had enjoyed when I was pregnant with Flo) as I was still unsure if we would have one, two or three babies to take home.

15-20 week


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