20 week scans – Pink, Blue or a mixture of the two!!!

Despite the state of limbo we had been living in for the last few weeks, the arrival of the twenty week scans provided us with something hopefully to be more positive about.  The first scan was at the JR again, but this one would also include a cardiac scan of the babies hearts.  The second of the scans was the standard 20 week anomaly scan which would allow us to hopefully find out what we were having – and try to regain some sort of control!

The first scan gave us some real positive news.  All three babies had perfectly formed hearts and all were functioning perfectly too.  This was some rare positive news that wasn’t followed up with a precautionary disclaimer that it could all change at any point in the near future.  We left this scan for the first time feeling really positive and looking forward to our next scan in a few days time at Northampton General Hospital.

The next scan we went into with a real positive feeling, largely based upon the success of the cardiac scan a few days before but also due to the fact we had already had somewhere in the region of five scans and none had indicated any structural issues with the triplets.  Another reason for feeling excited going into this scan was the fact that we would find out if we were going to have little boys, little girls or a mixture of the two.  As we already have Flo I was hoping that we would at least have one boy for Steve, he was not fussed about what we were having as long as they were all healthy.  After the good news at the previous scan’s Steve was receiving plenty of banter from friends and colleagues about the prospect of having four daughters and a household full of women! Despite this he stayed strong to his stance of not being fussed about the sex, just that he wanted healthy ones.

The first part of the scan gave us the great news that all three were looking healthy and perfectly formed (although one of the twins was still small).  Then we came onto the matter of the babies sex.  The first one that was scanned was the singleton, the news was that it was……. a girl. Next the scan moved onto the twins, with this there was only the need to look at one of the twins (as they are identical as they share a placenta), after close inspection it was revealed to us that they were……. also girls!  With the potential prospect that all three could be identical according to the lady who performed the scan.

So the week ended on a real positive note, we had three perfectly formed little girls with three perfectly formed and functioning hearts.  This was the first time that we felt the decision we made to keep all three was starting to look like the right one and this news was reinforcing our views that all you need is a chance, positivity and the faith of others in your ability to be a success.



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