2015 and a happy new year

We started 2015 with our familiar trip to the JR, having been two weeks since our last scan and with Christmas and New Year celebrations causing a welcomed distraction we went into the 24 week feeling fairly relaxed.  24 weeks is a pretty significant milestone  if I can keep these babies cooking for at least another 6 weeks it gives them a drastically higher percentage of being born with less problems.

Despite the festivities the family and I catching this cold and cough that’s been doing the rounds has been draining to say the least, Flo’s not been sleeping much at night for the best part of a week so we already feel sleep deprived, then were both awake on and off coughing, and to top it off I have to get up every hour for the loo! Having carried a baby before to full term, I remember feeling quite uncomfortable in the last couple of weeks, carrying three already feels like that, there’s a lot of pressure into my pelvis, I have cankles, and I generally feel like a walrus!!!

With regards to the scan and the check up, all went well (with the consultant almost sounding positive!!).  All three are growing, one twin still remains smaller, but all three are extremely active as you can see from the smaller one of the twins giving her sister and me a boot!

The little twin giving her sister and her mum a good kick!

The little twin giving her sister and her mum a good kick!

We also had the chance to see the faces of our three little girls as they were able to do a 3D scan.  Off the back of a positive scan and seeing all three of our daughters we left the hospital for the first time really excited about the pregnancy and feeling that it is ok to start to making plans for their arrival.

FullSizeRender 1

3D scan of our little daughters face – our first proper look at them

With regards to this I have started a Pinterest board so if you see any things out there that you think would help us with living with these three little ladies, then please follow the board, and then I will be able to give you permission to pin!.  We would appreciate peoples ideas, as the thought of having triplets is still daunting – so any help would be welcomed!!.


One thought on “2015 and a happy new year

  1. Ruth

    It’s really lovely to share your blog!! I am so delighted that all is well!! You must rest up whilst you can but you have so much family and good friends who will willingly help you once babies are born!! XXXX

    Liked by 1 person


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