Space and Time

Both of these have been key themes of my week.  As we didn’t have to go to Oxford for a scan this week, and the fact that I have started my “unofficial” maternity leave (being self employed its too early to claim for my maternity payments to start, its too early if I was pregnant with just one but no consideration is given for those of us who are growing multiple babies!) has meant that I have made a start on getting ready for the arrival of the triplets – Steve has referred to this as me “nesting”!  The week has also seen Steve go back to work after the Christmas Holidays, and he has been busy this week with him not being home until after 5:30 at the earliest (the rumours are not true about teachers being home at 3:30!) and working in the evenings or having to go back into school for governor meetings.  How busy he is at work at the minute does make me wonder how would I cope with the arrival of triplets if I didn’t have the support of friends and family, but I guess there are people out there who don’t have that help and they have to get by.

Space has been one of the biggest issues this week, or should I say the lack of it!  It feels like one of the babies has decided to take up residence by ‘planking’ inside my rib cage – which makes breathing, laughing, coughing, sitting, sleeping- generally doing anything uncomfortable!!.  I know I have been a pain to live with (Steve is being very tolerant but I can tell he losing patience!) I shouldn’t moan, I have to remember this is a miracle situation, there are so many couples that cant have children, but it just feels like there just isn’t anymore room for them, plus all my internal organs and ideally we want them in there growing for another 5 weeks minimum to give them the best chance possible.

On the subject of space we also went to look at a product (recommended by a friend) by Multimac that allows you to turn a normal cars back 3 seats into 4 seats suitable for young children up to 12 years old.  The 4 seats were amazing, and you can have rear facing baby seats added to them, but with triplets we feel, for ease, that we need to have traditional car seats that can be removed and clipped onto a travel system – but the Multimac car seat is something we will definitely be considering in 18 months to 2 years time when all the girls will be forward facing, as it will allow us to have a “normal” car.

Multimac car seat

Multimac car seat

Whether its the lack of sleep, getting over illness or the fact that the new year is here we have had a few tears and heart to hearts this week. I guess the reality of three babies is now really sinking in. I think it properly hit Steve at the start of the week, I think he’s been trying to be strong for me, and positive through all the scans etc, that with some time off he has actually realised the enormity of what is happening. We sat and discussed everything that was on our minds, all the worries, money, space, time together, different vehicles to name but a few! One thing we have vowed is that through all the craziness which is inevitably about to happen we have to keep talking to each other, we are such a strong ‘team’ not even an army of little girls will be able to break that!!


5 thoughts on “Space and Time

  1. Nicci Barham

    You are doing amazing Jaime! You are bound to have fears and reservations as a couple, as parents etc about handling 4 little ladies…. My husband and I are due our second daughter imminently and have had similar discussions and obviously this is not a patch on where you guys are. I love reading your blog and look always look forward to the next instalment. You are nothing short of an inspiration to all us mummy’s out there, go team Halsey! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lydia East

    You’re looking lovely Jaime. I hope the triplets more to more comfortable positions. If Flo wants to come and play with Aimee sometime I know she’d love that xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. KatieThompson

    Hang on in there Team Halsey. You are doing an amazing job. Alway happy to lend a hand if I can help with anything just shout. Even if you just want a cuppa made whilst you put your feet up ☕️🍩

    Liked by 1 person


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