The kindness of people… and a couple of pains in the arse!

We’ve had a positive and productive week at home this week, my mum and I have cleared out the spare room and have started decorating so our new little ladies have their room ready for when they come home. Steve made the joke that he hopes they are all little girls as it’s very ‘pink’!!!
We are so lucky to have such kind friends, family and acquaintances that are being so generous with clothes, cots, bouncy chairs, car seats, baby slings, it never ceases to amaze me how kind people are, I feel so blessed to have so many people around that care and want to help.
My closest friends took me out for dinner this weekend it was so nice to be out, it just frustrates me that I feel uncomfortable so much now that I can’t even sit ‘normally’ if anyone knows me they know I’m always up for a laugh and never want the party to end! So to need to come home to lay down just annoys me!!
I know I’ve just got to suck it up for the next few weeks and try to relax as much as possible so I keep these little girls keep cooking for as long as I can, it’s just difficult to relax when you can’t get comfortable, and your awake every couple of hours through the night, I promise Steve, I will be a nice person to live with again some day!!!?
As normal we had our weekly appointment booked at the John Radcliffe, but this week we also had an appointment in Northampton beforehand to make contact with the consultant there, in an ideal world we’d love to deliver in Northampton as we live nearby it’s more practical for once they arrive especially as they will no doubt be in hospital for a number of weeks.
It was good to touch base and it makes us as a couple, feel confident that they know us too if we are to deliver in Northampton.
The consultant was happy with what he could see and said for continuity of care to keep our regular appointments with the JR until advised otherwise, he asked before I leave that I have steroid injections which help to develop the babies lungs, something which is common practice for ladies that are having a premature birth.
Well, it’s safe to say I’m not a fan in the slightest of a steroid injection, especially into muscle in your bum, wow! I’ve had steroid injections into my feet before for sport so I’m aware they are not pleasant, but man, this was a killer! And to top it off I had to book in the next day for the second lot!!! The joys!!
So, with a numb leg and throbbing bum cheek, we made our way to our next appointment in Oxford! This week there were no individual measurements but the vital blood flow was monitored to each baby particularly the smaller twin as that was the main issue last week.
Rather pleasingly he couldn’t see the irregularity that was apparent last week (but its still there), so again said he was happy to continue on with the pregnancy and see us next week, which is great for us as by then I’ll be 28 weeks.  This is a big milestone to get past and every day or week I go after this point helps reduce many of the potential problems for the little ones when they are born.
So, I’m still aiming for 30-32 weeks, It’s exciting as I’m starting to feel like I can see light at the end of the tunnel, once again all we can do is keep positive and know what is meant to be will be.


4 thoughts on “The kindness of people… and a couple of pains in the arse!

  1. Kay breslin

    Jamie you are amazing – 28 weeks is a big milestone, well done you – and Steve she will be a nice person to live with again! Robin nearly flatly refused to consider our third as he said I wasn’t fit to live with when pregnant – how rude!!?? That third one is almost 15 and we are still together! I have a Lawrence here who is DESPERATE to have a baby to cuddle – you do feeding and nappies and he will do the rest!!

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  2. Bev Saunders (Skeel)

    Jaime you are doing Brilliantly. Hang on in there. If you need an extra pair of hands when the girls arrive, I`ll be over on my days off.xx

    Liked by 1 person


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