Light at the end of the tunnel

This week I’ve definitely been in full on ‘nesting’ mode!! I’m proud of how productive I’ve been considering I’m 28 weeks pregnant with triplets!! Mum and I have been on the case again and I’ve wallpapered the girls room while she painted, I’ve also painted a big princess castle mural on Flo’s bedroom wall..well I couldn’t leave her out!!

Now I feel like were in some sort of order I’ve been able to sort out clothes we’ve been given and Flo’s baby clothes, holy crap we have a lot of stuff!! As Flo was only tiny when she was born (5lb 15oz) we do have some little diddler baby grows (no doubt they will still be massive on our 3 preemie babies) I’m so grateful for peoples kindness, this picture shows the piles of 0-6 months clothes we have been given, plus their wardrobes are already half full with clothes gifts from our good friends and family! They aren’t even in the world yet and already they are so loved!

Clothes from when we had Flo and from all the kind gifts/donations from friends

Clothes from when we had Flo and from all the kind gifts/donations from friends

The nesting theme of the week continued with me being a bit cheeky and asking a few companies for some freebies (I have heard that its common place for mums to be with twins or multiples to contact companies and get some vouchers etc.).  So far only Pampers have replied and they have offered us a £10 voucher for each baby, which will definitely be put to good use when the triplets arrive.

With being so busy the week has whizzed past in a flash, before we knew it we were back at the John Radcliffe for our weekly appointment. This week I also had bloods taken, along with the normal blood pressure and urine samples, all these are important to make sure I’m not developing, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, anaemia or have high or low blood pressure. The scan as normal was very thorough, its getting extremely packed in my belly I am amazed every time we go how they can identify which baby is which!! Good news that all 3 girls have grown, the littlest of the twins is still only 710g, but they all appear to be healthy and kicking away! Our consultant even went so far as to say he liked their ‘predictability’ at the minute and was happy for me to keep going with our pregnancy. He does however want us to come twice next week (Monday and Friday), I think this is more precautionary than anything to be concerned about, as I am past the 28 week mark any complications or sudden changes now would result in the triplets being born! I am still aiming for 32 weeks, but we need to be prepared just in case they need to come sooner.

I feel really pleased to have got to 28 weeks without (touch wood) any major problems, I’m starting to really feel uncomfortable especially under my ribs where two babies are sitting and a lot of pressure in my pelvis where the other baby is, but as every Mother will know, pregnancy does get painful/uncomfortable towards the end, but the thought of your baby or in our case, babies, keeps you strong enough to get to the finish line!


3 thoughts on “Light at the end of the tunnel

  1. Natalie

    Good luck Jaime, I enjoy reading your blog and hope you get to 32 weeks. My little girl was born at 32 weeks and finding clothes to fit her (and she was quite big for 32weeks at 4lb) was tricky! Baby’s r us did preemie clothes but that was 2.5 years ago now so not sure if they still do. Usually the nicu have clothes you can borrow when your babies are ready to be dressed.

    Nicu is hard simply because you it’s hard not being able to hold your baby whenever you want and it broke my heart leaving her there at night but the nurses will be great and give such good care (ours did) and you need to rest too so it’s important you get rest when you can. I hope everything goes well. I look forward to reading your next blog entry! Sending lots of luck. Natalie. X

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  2. Nikki

    Hey Jaime & Steve,
    Have been following your blog & can’t comprehend the emotional ups & downs you must have gone through! You two are so brave to share this journey with everyone.
    Just wanted to tell you I was born at 31 weeks just over 3lb and all turned out fine.
    Looks like you have lots of support and are – as always – making the most of every day & keeping positive.
    Good luck with everything & please keep up the blog post for as long as you have time! Nxx

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