Sport and friendship

This week saw me make it to 29 weeks, it was also the first week of having to make two trips to the JR in Oxford.  The twice a week appointments are for observation mainly on the smaller twin as I get closer and closer to when I deliver.  The scans once again were looking positive with all three of the triplets growing and with there being no detectable intermittent blood flow to the smaller of the triplets on the Doppler scans. At one point we had three different consultants in the room and I think they were all amazed that the blood flow is regular! (Our littlest lady is definitely a fighter and a show her mother!!) We did discuss delivery this week, it will most certainly be in Oxford and I wont go any further than 32 weeks, they also put in our notes that delivery could be imminent, so we have to be prepared for that now at each appointment!! The week on top of the two visits to the JR has been pretty busy again.  We have done more work on the house, decorating, putting up shelves and cupboards etc., and washed a billion and one baby grows, so the triplets room is pretty much coming together and their wardrobes are getting fuller and fuller by the day!!. During the week I also met up with another lady Michelle, who has had triplets, the crazy thing is they live about a mile from our house!! Flo and I went over to see Michelle and her nearly 5 year old girls.  Once again, meeting up with a mum who has gone successfully through the birth and the upbringing of triplets was brilliant, she gave me an insight into what things work (and don’t work) and some of the things to expect over the weeks post delivery of our little ones. I had some fun at the start of the week with my friend Aimee Garner, she’s a fab make up artist who I asked if she fancied painting my massive baby bump! She brought her creative talent and we decided it’d be fun and apt with Steve’s love of rugby and being 6 nations this week, to paint a big rugby ball on my tummy! It was a random experience but good fun and I can show the girls what I did to them before they were born!!

6N art work on my bump

This week also reinforced how powerful sport has been in my life with regards to the close friendships I have made with people as a result of being a Trampoline gymnast. The first was a big bag of cute baby clothes from Kat Driscoll, her husband Gary and their folks. Kat was our 2012 Olympic trampoline representative, she is still in active competition training for Rio 2016, so it was really kind of her to send something during a busy period of training. Another thoughtful gift came from Damien Walters and his fiancée Heidi Dickson for reaching the 28 week mark, I’ve known Damien for many years now from international Trampoline and Tumbling competitions and training camps.  Both of us have since left the competitive arena, however Damien has been busy with his coaching/stuntman work(most recently been in the film Kingsman) and has a huge YouTube career so for him and Heidi to find time to spare a thought and the gift was really touching, Heidi is one of four girls and said her Dad has coped just fine.. good news for Steve!! And to top of the week of old friendships, one of my besties came all the way down from Manchester to see me with her daughter Charlotte.  Ellie and I go so far back I cant even remember a time of not knowing her! We were team mates at a youth and senior level, did synchro trampoline together and shared far too many green and brown eastern European rooms on our trips!! Its always good to see her and catch up, as always she’d put together a thoughtful box of essentials for the babies and for me, I really appreciate her friendship she’s had a rubbish time recently yet still finds time for us, what a diamond! The kindness of friends has definitely helped me get through this week, along with the continued support on text or over a cup of tea from my best friend Laura, she’s listened to my rants particularly from mid week as its been getting so much more painful in my tummy. It has been uncomfortable for a while now but this week seems to have ramped up another level, the pain in my ribs is crazy, plus the heavier twin in sitting breech really low in my pelvis, so kicks to my ‘lady bits’ are permanent at the minute, needless to say I’ve had quite a few tears.  I’m also starting to feel guilty that I’m unable to do as much with Flo and I feel pretty snappy all the time due to not sleeping well, I find it difficult emotionally, I have a family that I want to be happy, plus I have three babies in my tummy that I want to stay inside for as long as they can to give them the best start, but there’s a selfish part of me that wants them out too so the painfulness would stop. I just have to remember in the grand scheme of things a couple more weeks of pain is nothing if we get three little beauties out of it!!


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