Sport and friendship part II

The week started as last week did with our first scan at the JR.  We had the lady that did the cardiac scans on the girls, so it was nice to chat to her and she said it was good for her to see how much they had grown since 20 weeks. She was pleased with everything she saw and so we were booked back in for the Friday. So that meant the next time we’d be at the hospital I’d have made it to 30 weeks!!

Tuesday saw a normal day for myself and Flo, I’ve wanted to try and keep her feeling as normal as possible through all this, so we went to our regular class in the morning, played together and did some baking! Mid way through the day I received another parcel, this time from Karen Pickering former GB swimmer. I met Karen whilst on the British Athlete Commission and had stayed in touch, she has just recently become a Mummy to beautiful twin girls and kindly sent her little preemie baby grows and nappies for our trio once they arrive. Again this just proves to me that the power of sport and also Motherhood is so strong. The kindness of people didn’t stop there, Wednesday I popped into NTGA where I competed and coached, as I thought, to say hi to the kids, and see how they’ve been doing the last month…  mmmmm didn’t quite go like that!! The very sneaky and naughty lot had organised a baby shower the previous Saturday for me! They had cake stalls, various games, a raffle and people could leave a gift for us. So everyone had come up to the club that evening to wish us well and show their support! Well, its not often I’m stuck for words but I was literally so overwhelmed I almost couldn’t breath!! They had accumulated so much stuff for our little ladies, nappies, formula, blankets, clothes, toys, baby washes, wipes, plus vouchers and money to go towards a buggy, we had to take two cars just to get everything home!! I cant begin to say how grateful we are to each and every person for their generosity and time, its so nice to know that the club I have been part of pretty much my whole life, is still supporting my family and I in our next journey, even after I’ve stopped competing, I cannot say how much this will help us at the start and once we bring the girls home.

The amazing baby shower put on at NTGA

The amazing baby shower put on at NTGA

As you can imagine I’m already on a bit of a high this week, the gifts and peoples generosity make it hit home the reality of exactly what’s happening in the next few weeks.  Getting to 30 weeks makes me so pleased as that was my ‘aim’ at the beginning I feel amazed we’ve got this far, and each day they stay in my tummy now is hopefully, a day less they’ll have to spend in the hospital. So, it didn’t matter to us that our next appointment fell on Friday 13th as nothing was going to dampen our spirits this week!! As hoped all the blood flow measurements were really good, and they were very happy with our ‘active’ babies! After the scan we chatted with the consultant about the plan of action from here, obviously they had said we wont go past 32 weeks so, for my own preparation I wanted to know what happens now. So, barring my waters don’t break this week, we will be monitored twice and then they will book me in for our pre op discussion the following week!!!

Holy crap!!! That means in 2 weeks time we will (hopefully) have 3 more daughters!!! So feet up and legs crossed this week so I can get to 32 weeks and ready myself to meet our beautiful little ladies!!!


4 thoughts on “Sport and friendship part II

  1. heather jeays

    Hey there,
    What an amazing story you are living out. Your blogs are great and I wish you much luck 🍀 for your 32 week goal.
    All the best
    Heather (Searle) Jeays. X

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