3 is the magic number!

Today we’re writing this from the hospital waiting room at the John Radcliffe, it’s been such a busy old week again!!
Steve has been on half term this week so it has given us a chance to finish off the nursery and get any necessary jobs done before our babies arrive.
Monday saw us back in Oxford to be scanned, all was well and they booked us in for Friday, this time with the understanding we would come in and have full measurements of all babies, blood flows etc then discuss the plan of action with regards to birth!
I definitely felt excited at this prospect as it now feels like the day we meet our girls is nearly here!!!
People have still been sending or dropping off gifts to us, which has been lovely, and mid week saw us begin to put the cots into the girls room.
We are so lucky to have such kind friends that have sorted us out with cots, it really hit home to me once the three cots were all built and standing in a row that three little people will soon be joining our family. I thought I’d come to terms with having triplets, but it seems each new thing brings another new reality of what it actually happening!!!
Sleep has been non existent this week, so I’m thankful steve has been off to help out with Flo, I just feel so uncomfortable as soon as I lay down, I dread going to bed!! So I’ve tried to find things to do to keep my mind off feeling in pain or uncomfortable, I’ve organised the girls wardrobes into prem, newborn, 0-3, 3-6 vests, baby grows and outfits, all in threes!! I have sorted the playroom, we have washed all the towels, linen, sofa cushions etc. This pregnancy is literally turning me into a crazy person!!
In the back of my mind I have been hoping for no sudden problems this week, especially towards the end of the week as our daughter turned 3 on Saturday! I feel like she will have to share everything now for the rest of her life I really didn’t want her to have to share her birthday as well!! We had planned with my best friend that our kids would have a party together on Saturday even if I was to go into hospital, which I was so pleased about as it felt like I didn’t have to worry. As our next appointment in hospital was Friday, and I’d got insomnia anyway, I managed to get their birthday cake done on the Thursday night, ‘frozen’ themed of course!!!


So Friday came around and we were scanned, this was definitely the longest scan to date, all measurements were done and they asked us to go back and wait to speak with a consultant who would talk us through the results and the plan.
The babies measurements had come back really good, they are estimating them at 3lb 8oz for the singleton and 3lb 4oz and 2lb 6oz for the twins, there is a big difference between the twins but they are happy that the smaller baby has really come on which is great! They did say that they are starting to see signs that both placentas aren’t working quite as efficiently as they were, so the babies seem ready to come into the world and meet us. We left the room with lots of different emotions, mostly excited as the time is nearly here!!
We spoke then to the midwife who called through to Northampton to see if there would be the possibility of delivering there, unfortunately they didn’t have space for our three little ladies so delivery will definitely be in Oxford, to be fair, I feel happy as they’ve cared for us throughout our pregnancy and it’ll be nice to see it to the end with them, then they can be transferred back home to Northampton once they are well enough.
We then had to see the anaesthetist so he could run through all the details of the procedure, what will happen before, during and after with myself and the babies.
We left with a date for my c section, obviously it could change depending on other emergencies etc, but the reality is we will have 3 little people by the end of this week joining our family!!…
So, we sit here writing our blog today from the hospital waiting room, we will have the babies scanned again and then hopefully return home, and ready ourselves to come in for our delivery. It’s so mad to think we’ll meet these little miracles soon, they will obviously change our life forever, but we are so happy, excited and ready, to start our next adventure with them and our beautiful daughter. Team Halsey is about to become an army!!….


11 thoughts on “3 is the magic number!

  1. Ruth

    Team Halsey seems to be doing so well. Congratulations on coming this far into the pregnancy!! Not long now. All the very best . I shall be thinking of you all and awaiting your news! So so exciting!!! Can’t wait to see you all again. Big hugs for Flo. To shortly be a BIG sister to her baby sisters!!!!!XXXX Ruth

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  2. Kate McLoughlin (Perrin!)

    Jaime you crazy lady! Congrats on your gorgeous triplets. Wishing you all the very best for the coming weeks. You’ll be an amazing mum to these new little bundles of pink and I’m sure Flo will be a great big sis. Love reading your updates and will be thinking of you. Stay strong – can’t wait to hear the news. Love Kate in Australia xx

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  3. Cathy King

    Best wishes for this weeks delivery – Friday is a great day for many reasons, my own daughter turns 9, memories of a fellow trampolinist for the same date. Whenever they arrive it will certainly be memorable for you Jaime and your family. I’ll be awaiting the birth announcement with anticipation 🙂

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  4. Karen price-lyall

    Good luck team Hasley you are are truly an amazing bunch! Love reading your blogs. Jaime it’s super that you can turn insomnia to a positive for your future army, love it! Truly a role model for other mums! My prays for you all will continue this week, I pray for strength, good health & happiness to your family. Its lovely to hear you have been blessed with friends to support you, so deserved. Look forward to the next blog. Best wishes the ‘price-lyall gang’ Karen, Stephen, Dominic & Juliet. Sharjah UAE xx

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  5. Kay Breslin

    Good luck guys! Such exciting times ahead for you all – and exhausting times too I suspect, get as much chocolate as you can to keep you going! Fingers crossed that everything keeps going to plan for you, look forward to the next instalment!
    Love from the Breslin Gang

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  6. Rebecca Power

    Keeping everything crossed for you and your family. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and following your amazing journey. Big hugs Becky Power (was Jefford – jumpers trampoline club ) x x

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  7. Lucy Packer

    WOW!!! Jaime you don’t do things by halves do you? 😜. What an amazing adventure your about to embark on, how exciting. And in the best place for the birth, we had consultancy lead pregnancies at Oxford and you really feel so well looked after. Sending you lots of love and luck for the birth, can’t wait to see pics of the new Team Halsey xx

    Lucy ❤️❤️

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  8. Annette

    John Radcliffe were super with my twins, I was so happy to be there vs Milton Keynes which would have been my local option…they just seem so well equipped for multiples. Good luck with everything!

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  9. Gary Painting

    Fingers-crossed that all went well for the delivery, so many similarities, with triplets and trying to organise a party as well. All our love and best wishes the Painting ‘army’.

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  10. Louise

    My friends are currently in Northampton General having had their triplets a few weeks ago. I’ve told them to expect you. 🙂



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