The lows and highs of week 5 

It’s been a funny old week, I’ve had a fair few emotional highs and lows. Every baby has a routine hearing test whether they are pre term or not, Eden and Amber had their tests a couple of weeks back, the results showed up high gentamicin levels, (gentamicin is the antibiotic they all had for 5 days after birth). This is fairly normal and can effect their hearing later on, any baby that has high levels will be re tested in 8-9 months, Amber also had a partial non response to her hearing test, I was told this is normal, so didn’t worry too much at the time. This week saw Erin have her hearing test, I had agreed for them to do it whilst I picked up Flo from nursery, when I got home the hospital called to say she had her test and it came back ‘non responsive’ my initial reaction was, okay this is the same as the other girls, to which the lady replied ‘no, she was non responsive in both ears’. My heart sank, my first question was are you telling me she is deaf? The lady was really kind, she said that it is a possibility, she can’t say either way, all she knows is at this point both ears aren’t hearing anything. I rang steve in tears, I explained what the lady had said so he came straight home so I could get back to the hospital to ask all the questions I needed to understand the situation.

Luckily when I arrived lovely Jo on Gosset ward pulled me into a side room when she saw I was having a meltdown!! I absolutely know that if our children are to grow up with a disability we are strong enough to deal with it and give them the confidence to achieve everything to the best of their ability. But it’s just in that split second when your hormonal, and someone is saying your tiny little baby could have something wrong with them your heart breaks. Jo explained that this can be very common with premature babies, if you think their little ear canals are so tiny they may be filled with fluid, or not quite open enough to hear, quite often at the re test (which happens around the due date) the baby can hear. I also posted the question to the triplet group I’m in, asking for any advice or similar experiences, so many ladies came back and said they had a few re tests then their little ones could hear, some said their child/children were fitted with hearing aids for a few months but could hear without them after a time, some said they had gromits and some said that they are deaf but wear hearing aids and are getting on just great. It feels really good to get first hand experience from the mummies in the group, I feel reassured that whatever the outcome of the situation, we will deal with it positively.

After a good old cry and some sleep I got a grip of myself, and climbed back on the roller coaster!!! The next couple of days I wanted to be in the hospital as much as possible, I started feeling feverish, maybe I was over doing it or maybe I wasn’t eating or drinking enough, I noticed my c section scar was very red and swollen, I asked a nurse and got sent to the out of hours doctor, joy of joys another bloody infection, needless to say I got home and roared again!! So I’m back on the antibiotics and back to resting as much as possible (pretty hard when you want to be in the hospital with your triplets and be there for your 3 year old!!) luckily steve is now on his Easter holidays from school, he has been brilliant looking after Flo, me and the girls!! The last couple of days I feel so much better, I’ve only been into see the girls through the afternoon, but I feel happy as steve goes in to look after them when I’m resting at home with Flo. 

On the plus side this week, the girls are all still doing great with their feeding, Amber is now following her eldest sister Edens footprints and is on all bottle feeds so has had the tube removed! Erin is really catching up and is having two bottles to one tube feed and she is finishing the bottle which is a big step forward for her! The babies all get weighed on a Monday and Thursday, unbelievably our little ladies now weigh Eden- 6lb 3 Amber- 5lb 4 and Erin- 4lb 11!!!!!! Yesterday saw the last of the monitors get turned off, so no more beeping and buzzing of saturation levels or heart rates, we have to actually rely on our instincts like ‘normal’ parents!!!  We have been booked into stay over at the hospital on Saturday, we stay in the family room by ourself with the girls so we can do all their cares and feeds through the day and night!! Exciting!! This also should help Erin catch up to her sisters as she will have us as a constant for over 24 hours. Scary to have our trio all by ourselves but exciting too, and if we have any feeding worries or difficulties we are still only a stones throw away from the nurses, it’s a great way to prepare for home life, our reality is looming we are definitely on the home straight!!!….

Eden, Amber and Erin all together now they are off their monitors


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