Welcome home

Today Eden, Amber and Erin officially came home, 6 weeks and one day since they were born. The excitement of having them home has initially blocked out the trepidation and fear that we should be feeling about the weeks and months that lie ahead raising 3 babies and a little girl.

The post is going to be brief as I can hear Eden snuffling behind me and will soon no doubt need soothing/feeding/changing/winding or all of these in a minute! The amazing feeling of having the girls at home would not be possible without the incredible hardwork, expertise, care, and compassion of the amazing doctors and nurses at the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Gosset ward at Northampton General Hospital.  The work put in by these amazing staff is unbelievable and you only appreciate it when you get to see it first hand (hopefully you will never get to).  We are forever indebted to these wonderful people who see themselves as people who “just do their job” in allowing us to bring home 3 beautiful daughters today. 

We will keep you updated how we get on as the excitement subsides and the tiredness builds as we adjust to life with 3 babies and a little girl. 

Floey posing with Erin, Amber & Eden as we are about to leave Gosset


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