Eat, sleep, change, repeat 

The girls have been home just over a week now, and what a week it’s been! I felt so emotional leaving Gosset ward with the girls, the nurses and doctors have done such an amazing job building our ladies up enough so they could come home.  I’ve seen the staff everyday for 5 weeks, they become more than staff they have become friends. So even though we were excited to leave it was also very sad. 

We had spent the previous 2 days picking up any last bits we needed for the girls, we had put a cot up downstairs for the day time and 3 bouncy chairs ready for 3 little bums! It felt strange to have all our family together for the first time.  Steve showed the girls around their new house, before we kick started into our new routine with the babies! It was quite late once we went to bed but I felt so wired that I couldn’t sleep! The girls are currently all sharing a cot in their own room, I know there will be a lot of opinions about this, but we have to do what works for us, and this does! I lay there listening for them, every little sound or mummer I’d get up and check on, monitor firmly pressed next to my ear!! There were numerous times I’d get up to check if they were breathing, any mum out there will understand that feeling! 

Amber, Erin & Eden all tucked up for their first night at home

We survived the first night! That feeling of accomplishment between us was great, we had successfully looked after 3 babies, just another 18 years to go!!! It’s was great to have the girls home in the Easter holidays as steve is off work, then this week paternity leave so we’ve managed to get out together in the lovely weather. Our first outing probably took us two hours to get the girls ready, then figure out their buggy (for all those wondering I’ve gone with a double and a sling) but we didn’t care, we’d done it! I felt so impressed we’d managed to leave the house with 4 daughters and then arrive home with them all in one piece! I’m not going to lie, we got quite a few stares, or double takes, or people counting the babies, but I felt so proud I almost wanted to shout, ‘yes there’s 3’ ‘yes they are all ours including Flo’ and ‘yes they are natural’!!! 

It was my mums birthday over the weekend so we met family and friends at our local park cafe for lunch then back to ours, we had a steady stream of visitors on the Saturday which was nice for our family and friends to finally meet them for a cuddle. Steve had planned to ‘wet the babies head’ that Saturday as he expected the girls to still be in hospital! Well the tough little cookies wanted to come home but I felt steve still needed to go as a lot of friends and family had already got it in the diary. That night was pretty rough to say the least with the girls, they were very unsettled, straining in pain as they were constipated, if it wasn’t for my lovely friend Lauren staying the night to help I think I may have gone insane on my 40 minutes sleep!!! 

We decided that on Sunday we would really try to get the girls onto 4 hourly feeds, they left the hospital doing this but I guess due to their different appetites and the fact they are babies their pattern had got a bit higgledeepigglydee! We had a quiet couple of days to get them into a pattern, they have been prescribed lactalose as they had been so constipated on the nutraprem formula and had only pooed once since being home (not good). 

It feels like a whirlwind of craziness this last week, but we’ve been conscious to not let it confine us to our house, yes we have 4 kids but life has to go on, you’ve got to get up and get moving!! We are pleased to say we have established a good day and night routine for us, now they have been to the loo they are such contented babies. They comfort each other when they are in their cot, they feed every 3.5 hours through the day and 4 hours through the night, we make sure they are all fed at the same time, we’ve even managed to get bath time with 4 girlies so they are all in bed by 7.30!! 

All 4 of our girls enjoying a bedtime story

We both know there will be sleepless nights ahead of us, and plenty of challenging situations, but we both know this part doesn’t last forever, it may be hard for the first few months whilst they are so dependant on us, but we’re trying to savour every moment, even the crap ones as its over in a flash!! 

Loving every minute and thing about our little girls


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