Time has flown and haven’t they grown

I can’t believe it’s pretty much a month since my last blog post!!? Time has just flown by! It’s one big whirl of feeding, changing, crying, playing with the occasional bit of sleep thrown in!! We’ve managed to get out and about a lot with our tribe, they are part of our life and were keen to make sure they are included into our plans, not live in fear we’ll never do anything again. I’ve visited Lizzie and Geoff our Gosset ward roomies and their gorgeous twins over on their farm in brackley, I hope we remain friends for life, I miss them daily, we shared 6 weeks sharing everything all the ups and downs of premature babies, it was great to see them again!  

Lizzie with me and our 5 Gosset graduates

 Steve dusted off his rugby boots and played over in Bedford so that was a great night, with the help of my friends taking all 4 of the girls there to watch daddy! 


Flo enjoying being picked up by Steve after running around at half time at Goldington Road

I popped up to the trampoline centre, I felt very proud showing off my girlies, they got plenty of cuddles from everyone, I also dropped off some gorgeous thank you cards made especially for us from our friend June as a gift, and I picked up a ton more nappies from everyone’s kind donations, there really are no words for people’s kindness. I feel truly blessed. 
So, we have kind of established a good night time routine, we dream feed them around 10-11pm (for those non baby folk that’s where you pick up your baby whilst asleep feed them and put them straight back down, bloody genius!) they generally only wake once through the night around 2 is then up about 6am. Of course there have been days, like with any baby, when it doesn’t quite go to plan…only this time once one baby has finished roaring you’ve got another two that tag team the crying!!!! There has been the odd night of literally no sleep, just craziness!! It’s funny when I had Flo I found it the hardest thing ever, I constantly felt overwhelmed, like I was doing something wrong, I found one baby tough, well now I have 3, all at once, my gosh 1 baby was a walk in the park!!! With one you can take it in turns with your partner in the night if your knackered, but with 3 you just can’t, you have to both be up to feed, hopefully once their feeding is more established and they are finishing their bottles without having to bring up wind every few minutes we can roll a towel or use the bottle holders so they can all feed at once supervised by just one of us.  I’ve turned to my fellow triplet mummies to ask that elusive question of ‘sleeping through the night’ most found a full night sleep pattern around 5 months old or as you call it with pre term babies- X months corrected. Our girls are now 11 weeks old or 3 weeks corrected, they are getting bigger and stronger each day they will catch up! 


The girls getting bigger and stronger every day

They have struggled at the beginning quite badly with their digestion, constipation has been horrific for them often not going for 5-6 days! There were days I’d dread feed time, they just seemed in so much pain, not nice to watch or hear, But since changing their milk from the prescription formula which was so thick and heavy, to aptimil they have been so much better! The only thing different now is we have to give them their vitamins everyday until they are a year old. For any new mums out their grab yourself a bottle of gripe water, we’ve found it an absolute god send when their suffering we pipet a dropper full into their mouths before feeds, it’s actually help them to drink their bottles without being in pain and they wind so much easier afterwards! 

Erin and Amber have had their hearing re tests and the good news is they can both hear out of one ear each! We have more re tests it’s quite possible that it’s congestion in their tiny ear canals causing the loss of hearing, so fingers crossed for the next tests! 

We’ve also taken them to see a baby osteopath this has definitely helped the digestion and made them more alert. I’ve also had a good old clunk and click at the osteo, I’m back in just over a week, I can’t wait for that treatment as I should get the all clear to start exercising properly!! When you’ve come from a sporting background it’s really difficult to be told ‘your not to workout until 12 weeks’ I’m itching to get back to the gym, to getting on the trampoline and my gym fit sessions that I ran at n.t.g.a! If I’m brave enough I’ll post my pregnancy and post baby body pics on my next blog and the transition into exercise post baby, my aim is to see my tummy muscles again!!!!….

I’m regularly asked ‘how do you cope’ short answer.. You just do!! Let’s be honest what can you do? Not cope? Forget to feed them? Leave them somewhere!? I mean come on!!! Yes it’s a challenge, yes sometimes we’re tired, yes sometimes it feels like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, but their our babies! We made them, all at the same time! I grew them all 3 in my tummy, they were tiny, they’ve been prodded and poked, had needles stuck in them, stuff done to their eyes and ears but their coping.  So I’m damn sure that two grown 35 years old adults can and will cope, you have to!! 

I know I am so lucky to have the support of amazing family and friends.  I see someone everyday, people pop in to help with feeds, have a brew and a chin wag, or I strap all 4 of my hareem in the car and we go visiting!!! I’m not afraid to ask for help if I need it.  Hats off to the ladies that do this by themselves, but while I have the offers of help I will take it!! 


Flo, Eden, Amber and Erin with my Mum and Dad

I can’t imagine life without our twiglets now, Flo has been incredible, she absolutely adores them it’s like they’ve always been part of our family. I don’t want to wish their lives away but I can’t wait to see how the develop, together and as individuals, one thing is for sure, our house will never be dull!!!


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