Operation ‘healthy bod’!!

So we’re now 14 weeks on from the the girls day of birth, they are all doing so well, all growing, at last count Eden was 10lb 3, Amber was 8lb 8, and Erin was 8lb 1!! They’ve come such a long way from the tiny little munchkins in incubators, they are smiling and really alert, they may be still slightly small compared to full term 3 month babies but don’t let that fool you, jeeeeez do their lungs work!!!? You literally have to grow such thick skin when they are all crying, they have been fed, changed, been winded and slept yet their still roaring all in unison you could easily fall into the trap of feeling like ‘I’m a bad mum’ ‘I can’t console my own children’ ‘I must be doing something wrong’ but in reality they are just babies, and babies cry!. Once you get your head around this you stop beating yourself up any time they have a screaming fit, you can think about the amazing job we’ve been doing so far!!!

We’ve had a few more appointments with the health visitors, doctor, hearing paediatrician and consultant, and the great news is Erin can hear!!!! We had started to notice her jumping at noises so was hopeful, then she passed her second lot of tests, and so we are hoping for the same result after Ambers retest next week. Fingers crossed! We’ve had an all change again with their formula, after seeing our consultant and expressing our concerns that the girls wouldn’t settle after feeding and sometimes we were lucky to even get them to drink an ounce at a time he suggested we tried a soya based formula as they may have a problem digesting the protein in cows milk. I worried at first he meant they were lactose intolerant but he assured us babies can’t be lactose intolerant that’s something you’d develop later on. So far so good the girls actually drink their bottles and settle afterward!! If it continues well over the next few days we will have to speak to the consultant again when we’re weaning as dairy will have to be gradually introduced. All in all I can’t believe how fantastic they are doing, to think we could have chosen to reduce our pregnancy to one baby doesn’t bear thinking about, they are tough cookies and I’m so proud of each hurdle we/they cross. 

It’s been a crazy journey from pregnancy to now, my body has gone through so many changes, I still don’t have full feeling around my c section scar, my boobs are sagging and I’m a bit wobbly, but I’d promised myself that once I’d had the girls I would get back in shape and feel fit and healthy, I’m still being treated for my pelvis, but this week has seen the start of operation ‘healthy bod’!! I’ve kick started with a clean 9, from forever living this is a fab way for me to cleanse my body and gradually up my exercise after nearly a year off! I was so surprised how fantastic I felt, really energised and the bonus is I’m half a stone lighter and have lost 1.5″ off my tummy, hips and thighs!!! What a kick start!!! Since having the girls I have to think about my time, I want to be there for all 4 of my beautiful girls so I’m building a business with forever from home that fits around my family.

I’m glad I have kept a photo diary week to week throughout pregnancy, I look pretty tired but it’s good to see the massive journey my body has been on to give us 3 more daughters, I also hope it shows people that it takes time to recover, and time for your body to return somewhere like it once was!! 


16-18-20 weeks pregnant


21-22-23 weeks pregnant


24-25-26 weeks pregnant


27-28-29 weeks pregnant


30-31 weeks pregnant

31+5 the girls birthday!

post pregnancy 4weeks- 6 weeks


post pregnancy 8 weeks-10 weeks


13 weeks post pregnancy – after clean 9 here and now!!!


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