The First Six Months 

We spoke about making sure we wrote a blog today (been a while since the last one), as today the triplets are 6 months old. Unfortunately, Jaime is in hospital with Amber so the blog is written by me instead. 
It’s been a really quick 6 months, but yet it feels like a life time ago when it was just the three of us, let alone when it was just Jaime and I. This became really apparent to me this afternoon cuddling Amber to sleep in the hospital, it felt a long time (has been 5 months) since the girls and us left the hospital routine on Gosset ward, but yet you slip back into it very quickly, like it was only last week. 

It’s been a tough 6 months, with the disrupted nights sleep, the surround sound of crying that triplets can create, but also the magnified uncertainty of is what we’re doing right? With Flo we managed to find a routine that worked for her fairly quickly (following the principals outlined in a couple of good books). However, with three it’s different, largely because all three of them are different people. That sounds obvious but at 4am when Eden is screaming and Amber and Erin are both asleep it’s hard to remember that (especially when you go into settle Eden for the the fourth time and you now find that it’s Amber who’s awake!). 
A great help was again revisiting the books, and following their basic principles. Thankfully following these we are in a good routine now, with all 3 of the girls sleeping through the night (apart from when they are ill). 
So we have survived the first six months, and like I said earlier it’s the quickest/longest six months I’ve ever known. Our “survival” has in large been down to Jaime, having had a few weeks off work I have no idea how she looks after all 4 of our girls day in day out; she is an unbelievable mother and I’m in awe of what she does. Secondly, the help of our family and friends. Without their help this last six months would have been much much harder, if not impossible. 
So will this six months be the hardest? From those who have kids they already know the answer. One thing is for sure, we wouldn’t change a thing and we are looking forward to the next six months and beyond with our amazing family 



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