Our journey so far..

It’s been a while since my last blog, let’s just say life with triplets and a 3 year old is pretty mental! 

We’ve had our first stint in hospital with Amber, she was pretty poorly with bronchitis and an infection in her lungs, it was awful to see her back on oxygen and to be separated from my other girls. We took turns to stay in hospital and after 6 days we were all back home together. I think the winter will be testing with them all being susceptible to chest infections, but fingers crossed we won’t be back there anytime soon. 

It’s funny because when we first brought the girls home I went into overdrive, not needing much sleep, able to function happily whilst dealing with the daily feeding, changing, crying routine….now we’re nearly 7 months in and it’s pretty fair to say I’m knackered!! We have the girls in a great bedtime routine, that was one thing I was adamant about, we’d done it with Flo and she’s such a good girl when it comes to sleep and bedtime so I wanted to make sure of that for the triplets. They still dream feed at 11, Erin and amber are both still a bit small to drop that feed, Eden not so much she’s a right chunk bless her! We’re going to drop that feed soon with her, by now I’d dropped Flo’s night feed but because there’s 3, you don’t want to ‘upset’ anything I think we wait for stuff until their all ready, sometimes it’s hard to separate them into individuals. That’s definitely something I’ve got to get better at! 

So I still get 452 million comments asking ‘how do I cope’ ‘how do you get anything done’ so I thought a little insight into my week might help!!? So our daily routine always starts around 6.30, Steve showers and takes the first ‘shouter’ down for her milk, or if two are going he’ll take down two and I’ll bring a third, Flo comes down at 7, we feed change all the girls and that then gives me a chance to shower and get changed before Steve heads off to work. 3 mornings a week Flo’s at nursery so once she’s changed and had brekkie I load the team in the car and we go off to nursery she’s always there just gone 8.30am, then each day varies but I much prefer to get out and about, it gives me sanity and the girls are more stimulated so much more content. We’re lucky to have fantastic friends and family that I see regularly each week, we also take Flo to trampoline, swimming and tennis so she gets some time that’s just for her. The girls now feed 4 hourly, so around 6.30/10.30/2.30/6.30 with a dream feed at 11 and we’re now starting the fun bit weaning!! The girls love food, I’m not really surprised, the milk they drink tastes like arse!!! We have a prescription milk as they found they were unable to digest the protein in cows milk, it is vile and smells like wet dog! So we’re gradually getting on breakfast lunch and dinner, once 6 o’clock comes I’m up starting the bathing conveyor belt! Once they are all bathed I feed them upstairs and put them straight down to bed, then that gives me time to play with Flo and sort her out for bed, always though all 4 girls are in bed by 7.15 which gives us a chance to have tea together, then tidy, wash up, do any washing and generally get ready for Groundhog Day! 

I’d be lying if I said I feel brilliant and happy all the time, I think because your tired from being up and down like a yo yo at night putting dummies in, or Flo needs a wee, which she feels she needs you to know about at 3am, then leaving Flo’s room you tred on a bit of dolls house furniture which leaves you hopping about doing the silent banshee dance whilst holding the cut in your foot, you manage to sort it, climb back into bed only to be woke 30 minutes later by Eden having a ‘chat’ Jesus people it’s the night just go to sleep!!!! So it’s no wonder were pretty tired by the morning, and that’s just one night…there’s been hundreds of those all in succession, to say its relentless at times is an understatement!!  It can feel really lonely at times, but any mother knows that feeling, when you feel like the only person you’ve spoken to is a baby, you have nothing much to offer in the way of night time conversation, Steve can talk about his day, where as I feel like I have nothing to offer (except the days where I get shat on in the face!) when your tired it’s easy to fall into that trap of ‘am I depressed?’ I’m so lucky to have Steve and my family and friends as they remind me that’s ‘normal’, most people with one baby feel like this let alone with 3!! That’s why I choose to get up and out, get on with things, do some exercise or take the girls places, because when I’m thinking logically I remember I have one life and it’s important to live it, sport has taught me so much, an important lesson is ‘the road with the most obstacles provides the richest journey’ 

So as crazy as this time is, one day we’ll look back and think ‘we survived’ at least I hope so!! The girls are thriving they are funny, happy, beautiful little munchkins and as mental as my life is I wouldn’t change my family for anything!

The family all together at my best friends wedding


Erin, Amber & Eden enjoying playing together on the living room floor



3 thoughts on “Our journey so far..

  1. janita

    Loving your updated. Your doing a fab job. I can only imagine the chaos. In 12 months time hopefully you will benefit from having 4 that can entertain themselves whilst you spectate with a coffee ☺. Sport is definitely the saviour. I only have one child (21mnths old) and im 39yrs old, love my evening gym sessions when all in the house is quiet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. paktam

    Hasley hi.. good to know your experiences with triplets. I have mine last year born August 2016 with premature 32 weeks. They’re all 3 boys and now I have 8 kids all in my family. I just thinking of the change into my life. I felt my current job no longer suitable with my current life, I lost my focus in my current job and I don’t know why. How does Steve endup with when he got triplets till now. I believe there must be something change in life inner and outer.

    Thanks for sharing experience..


    1. jaimehalsey Post author

      Hi!! It sounds like you have your hands very full with 8 children!! Good work!! It does feel difficult at the beginning, you are juggling far more than us by the sounds of things!!? Keep your spirits high, they won’t be little forever! Stay strong your doing great!!! Xx



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