1 year ago 

Unbelievably a year ago today we were in the John Radcliffe hospital preparing ourselves for the birth of Eden, Amber and Erin. At the time were not thinking much ahead of the next 24hrs, let alone a year ahead. 

It’s been a quick year, but yet it seems so long ago that we were in the hospital having had our 3 tiny daughters delivered. To look at them now it’s hard to believe how small and fragile the girls were. 

There have been some tough times over the last year, the initial days in the NICU, the saying goodbye everyday whilst they stayed on Gosset ward, the sleepless nights when they came home, there has been numerous times I’ve thought ‘I just can’t do this’ ‘I’m not the right person for this job’ and needless to say there have been tears! As hard as its felt at times there’s not been a day where I’ve regretted the decision to ‘keep’ all 3 babies. Yes it still blows my mind if I think about it too much, but I still firmly believe that you are only sent things your able to deal with. 

I’ve been looking back at pictures of our journey over this last year, it is incredible how far the girls and us as a family have come. Thankfully we now have a sleep pattern, no more night feeds, it feels like a lifetime ago when we were feeding 3 babies every 3 hours and now they are sat up at the table with us eating actual food, we have our first crawler with Erin (so much for her being the smallest, that one will be first to everything, bugger being small!!) Amber is a little chatterbox, she worries me the most health wise as soon as she gets a cold it drops to her chest hopefully she’ll grow out of it!? And Eden… Well she’s an absolute beaut, she’s a chunky chilled happy little girl!! Seeing how the girls have grown and watching their personalities develop over their first year has been amazing. We have 3 happy content little babies (still with a bit of their mothers temper at times!) each day now they are doing something new, I love to watch how they interact with each other, one thing is for sure they know who their big sister is! I can’t say enough how proud I am of our beautiful Florence, life could have been even more challenging if Flo was a typical 3 year old! Thankfully we have (somehow) raised the most kind, caring, helpful and understanding little girl, there are many days when she is my saviour, one day when she reads this she realise how truly brilliant she has been with the life changing arrival of 3 baby sisters! Well done Flo your a star. 

There are many tough days, but it does feel like everyday that passes it becomes a bit easier!? One thing is for sure I could not do this without my amazing parents, mother in law, and our friends. So many times I’ve roared to them saying I can’t do it anymore!! Their always there to pick up the pieces and shove me and my hareem of children back in the right direction!! And then there’s Steve.. The hubs, I am so lucky to have met a man who’s such a hands on dad, he is brilliant with all the girls, we take turns with stuff at home so neither of us feel overwhelmed, it’s true what they say.. ‘Team work makes the dream work!!’ 

I’m not sure what the future holds, all I know is we’ve survived the first year without killing anyone or ourselves that’s pretty impressive right!!!?..




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