1 year since coming home

This past Friday saw 1 year since we brought the girls home from the hospital. It feels like a lifetime ago they were on Gosset ward, but at the same time looking back through our pictures it feels like yesterday!

I love to look back at how they’ve changed, but to be honest I do prefer them now, i found the baby stage really tough, and to have 3 at once well some days I wanted to run away and never come back!!! I’m so thankful we had Flo, it makes each day easier seeing how lovely she’s growing up it reminds me they won’t be little for long, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel!!! 

We’ve had  an up and down month or so with illness, then getting hit by an uninsured driver that wrote our car off! So things were a bit tricky with logistics, but finally now we have some new wheels!! We went for a VW touran it’s a fab family car, the girls are all in forward facing car seats now, it really feels like we’re moving out of the ‘baby’ stage. 

It’s been a whirlwind year, many times I’ve doubted whether I can do this, sleep deprivation, screaming babies and being sometimes confined to four walls is enough to tip anyone over the edge!! When I’m thinking clearly, I look back and can’t believe how well we’ve done as a family! To go from 1-4 children in one hit has been absolutely nuts! If you have kids, imagine for a minute the night feeds for not one but three.. The nappy changes.. The car seats.. The buggies.. The cots.. The baby grows.. The toys.. And weaning for three!! It’s just insane! And to think we still have walking, tantrums and potty training to come!!!….Everyday brings a different challenge, but one I’m actually starting to enjoy! They have come on so much since being tiny dots in their incubators, it’s almost hard to remember their little snuggy toys used to cover their entire bodies, now they are crawling, pulling theirselves up to stand and chattering away! Whatever the next year holds were looking forward to it, the hardest part (in my eyes) is done, so roll on the next 18 years of chaos were ready for you!!! 


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