Where does the time go?….

I can’t believe the girls are 18 months already! It has been 5 months since my last blog post, I guess time just ran away with me, I have literally turned into my mum saying ‘time flies as you get older’!! But seriously it does and what the hell did I do with all my time before our tiny army came along!!?? So much has happened in a matter of months, it’s been amazing to see the girls grow not only physically but mentally. They have gone through their babbling stage to now saying words and having an understanding of conversation. They love their food and are nearly able to feed themselves with their forks and spoons. They are all walking too it’s so lovely to see them all toddling about and how they chase around after their big sister! It seems like a lifetime ago they were tiny, helpless little preemie babies in incubators, yet it feels like only yesterday, it’s hard to process just how much has happened! 

We’ve had a great few months, we took our first trip at the start of the summer as a family of 6 down to Devon with our gosset ward besties and their twins, it was a huge success! We packed up the touran full to the rafters, plus we’ve invested in a roof box! (Seriously when did we get so old!!!?) The kids loved being outdoors and playing together and we enjoyed our friends company, it gave us a little glimpse at how fab our holidays will be in years to come once the girls get a little older. Then in August we had a week away in wells, we took our parents which was really nice to have extra hands, but also lovely to get family time together. 

The girls made huge breakthroughs over the week we were away then the last few weeks of the summer holidays. They are walking all the time now and can tell you pretty much what they want, which makes life a whole lot easier but also a whole lot noisier!!! 

I love watching their little personalities emerging, they are all so different but in many ways alike. Amber is the most forward with her speech and fun loving personality, she loves being around other kids and always wants to be in the mix, Erin loves to copy her twin, they are so very similar in some ways but different in others, she is a lot quieter, but very crafty, it’s almost like she knows she was the smallest and plays on it by getting carried around by her nannies!! Eden, well she is one on her own! She is a boisterous little bugger, but also very loving and cheeky!! I just stare at them some days and wonder how on earth all theses beautiful crazy little girls grew in my tummy!!? 

We’ve loved watching the olympics over the summer, it was great to see all the girls staring at the different sports (yes we did have it on our tv 24/7!!) Flo loved seeing Tracy (my former coach) now team GB trampoline coach on the tele, and it made it even greater to watch the first medal for my sport of trampoline from Bryony Page, it gave me goosebumps and made me excited to think of my girls in the future. I can’t help but wonder what sports they will get involved with growing up, will they even like sport?…. Umm I’m pretty sure they will, Steves already trying to put the idea of all being in a boat in their head!!

A new chapter is emerging in the Halsey household as of tomorrow, our big girl is starting school! We got her uniform all sorted and it made me realise in 3 years we’ll have bloody millions of uniforms to wash plus the expense of buying them in the first place!!… But until then I have to make sure all 4 of the girls are out the door ready to walk Flo to school. I’m pretty sure over the next year life will become pretty bonkers here in the mornings! The girls are quite helpful at the minute getting their shoes, but there are times when I’m chasing 3 small hooligans to try and strap them into the buggy or the car, you’d think I was electrocuting them the row they make some days!! Flo is so ready for school, but I will miss my little co pilot! She has been so helpful to me the last 18 months and has shown maturity beyond her years. I know every mum says their child is amazing, but Flo really is! It’s time for her to start her little life journey and make new friends, learn new things and try her best at everything, which I know she will do. 

So my life with only 3 kids in the day should be a piece of piss huh!!??, well I’ll keep you posted!…..


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