2 years and still surviving…

I can’t quite believe that this time 2 years ago I was laying in bed looking like a massive walrus, feeling very apprehensive about the next day, and meeting our 3 little girls. I can still remember it all so clearly, the journey to the hospital in oxford, the waiting room, and every part of the amazing delivery of our 3 beauties!!

The whirlwind of hospital life, seems like a lifetime ago yet it also only feels like yesterday. Your ‘parent’ brain has a clever way of remembering all the good experiences, it kind of erases the crap stuff, so I pretty pleased I started blogging to remember everything, good, bad and ugly!!

I still remember holding our girls for the very first time, they were so tiny and seemed so helpless, it was hard to imagine we’d ever get to this point. Now they are walking, running, jumping, chatting, singing and playing it’s so incredible to see them now- they’ve made so many developments, it’s hard to believe they were 2 months premature!!

So this week my eldest baby turned 5, she has been a total superhero throughout the last 2 years. She has gone from being the centre of our world for 3 years to suddenly having to share our attention not just in half but four ways!!! She has been the most caring and kind big sister to Eden, Amber and Erin, and a huge help to me. It’s been lovely to watch the relationship develop between her and the trio, she loves the girls, and is as much of a teacher to them as I am. They love to copy her, play with her toys and run around together, I hope it’s a bond that continues as they grow.

Now I’m looking back it does seem pretty nuts everything that’s happened over the last 2 years! The girls are actual little people!! Eden is a real character, she’s a happy, funny, Β loving little girl, she’s pretty stubborn but knows how to say sorry! I’ve never known a child to chat so much, she literally never shuts up, which does a times prove testing!!!! Amber is a confident little sole, she isn’t afraid to try things and has definitely inherited my facial expressions! She’s more often than not the peace keeper between the 3 of them, and is normally the first to do things. Then there’s our littlest Erin, she is a quirky little girl, very cute and smiley, but has a proper temper!! She loves to dance and sing, and has constantly got someone else’s shoes, hat or bag on her!! Nothing is ever where you leave it when Erin’s around!!! The bond between them is unexplainable, they do love to be together and miss each other if one isn’t there. It’s interesting seeing the bond between Erin and Amber as they are identical twins, they do share little moments together, laughing or cuddling or pulling all the roll of toilet paper off the reel then hiding together when I ask what they’ve been doing!!!

Each day brings new challenges, but it also brings such great times. Is it awful to say I actually like them now!!!?? I feel like the hamster wheel I’ve been unable to get off of is slowing down, making it easier to organise life and generally gain a bit more control. Don’t get me wrong there are some days I’d like to climb into the wardrobe a bugger off to narnia, but as that is just fiction I keep on keeping on!!

So all that’s left this weekend is to celebrate the girls reaching their 2nd birthday, for me and Steve staying strong as a couple, and doing the best we can, and to have a glass or two of bubbly to say thank you to everyone that has helped, and continues to help us and our 4 beautiful daughters on this crazy ride which we call ‘life’!!



Eden, Amber, Erin & Flo



4 thoughts on “2 years and still surviving…

  1. Ruth Hemingway

    You have the most delightful family and that’s all down to you and Steve. Hard hard work but you have made it and the girls must make you so proud. Well done all of you⭐️

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  2. Kay Breslin

    You are all so hard working – and it’s kept you all going!! What a beautiful picture of a lovely family! Happy birthdays and congratulations all round! You are an amazing family xxxxπŸΎπŸΎπŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸ’•

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