Happy Easter!

So I’m writing this blog from my really comfy bed..on my own.. in the dark.. with a HOT cup of tea the hubs has just bought me.. it’s utter bliss!!!! He’s been away coaching all week so I’ve been flying solo with my troop of ladies, to say I’m pleased to have him home is an understatement!!!

We’ve had a great couple of weeks off for Easter, I particularly like this school holiday as it’s a bit longer than normal and we seem to cram lots of stuff in which is fab as it feels like you achieve something, you step off the ‘usual’ hamster wheel for a while!

We’re lucky that we’ve had some great weather so we’ve been able to get out and sort our garden, the kids are very much ‘outside’ babies so that helps as they are happy to potter about while we’re getting some jobs done. I’ve managed to paint their little Wendy house, and a blackboard on the wall outside our house which has proved a massive success!! We are trying to create a ‘funfilled’ place to play but still keep it as a garden we’d like to sit in!! It is like having our own nursery, but on the flip side they always have friends to play (or argue) with! 

We also managed some quality time with just Flo, we took her swimming and for lunch and then to the cinema, it sounds totally normal but Flo and us loved it. It’s so hard to try to juggle your attention for all the kids, any mother understands that guilt of trying to spend enough ‘time’ with one child let alone 4! I don’t know about anyone else but I often beat myself up that I don’t give them all enough time as individuals, I feel guilty they all have to ‘share’ ..their toys.. their rooms.. their clothes.. even their food! But then I look at it like- they will grow up understanding what it means to share, How to be kind to each other, How To listen to each other, and what it means to have a family that love one another. So as hard as it is some days I keep looking to the future!

Myself and Steve were lucky to get a bit of time together the first week at a trip to the races, it was so good to spend time together and with friends, it’s so important to make time for ‘us’ we always say ‘we’ came first, so we do make an effort to put ourselves back at the top of the list, we’re so lucky we have great parents that help with the girls so we can still make time for each other. 

Even though this week Steve has been away I still wanted to do something with the kids, I’m so lucky that my bestie and her husband wanted to spend some of the Easter hols with us! So with 4 kids strapped into the car, the boot full of stuff I set off to Norfolk to stay in Laura’s folks caravan for 4 days! Myself and the girls stayed in the static and Laurs, brown and the kids stayed in the camper, 3 Adults 6 children my ratio of kids had already halved!!! We all had a great time, the girls loved it, they went in the sea, built sand castles, went crabbing, ate fish and chips and plenty of ice cream!! I feel so lucky to be able to do stuff like this with them and have such great friends that help me to do so! I drove back late on the Thursday, the girls fell asleep in the car it’s points like this I miss the extra set of hands to unload them all once were home. It may not sound like a big deal, but unloading 3 sleeping toddlers, distributing them to their correct beds, then getting Flo into bed, then putting blackout blinds back up and unloading the car by yourself is quite knackering! Only to be woken at 6.30am to do it all again! Now you can see why I’m still hiding up in bed!!!

The girls have come on so much again in the last month, their speech has delevloped even more, I made Easter bonnets with them for the first time, they loved sticking all the bits on themselves! They are getting into watching films with Flo, it’s so lovely to see them copy Flo doing the actions or singing the songs! All in all we’ve had a great couple of weeks, the next school holiday will see us preparing for our loft extension!! Exciting times ahead for team Halsey, the family has grown next it’s our houses turn!

I’m off now to watch the girls eat copious amounts of chocolate before packing them off to their nanny and pappys!!!!..


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