Keep calm and carry on! 

So today I’m writing after our first unbroken night sleep in god knows how long, being thankful but also hopeful that tonight it happens again!? I hate that feeling of dread right before you go to it going to be good or bad, I hate the unpredictability!! I find myself day dreaming of the time I’d get 8 hours sleep, possibly 10 on a weekend and still would think ‘I’m so busy’!! What the hell did I do with my time!!!?? Nowadays I barely get time to brush my hair and have a wee!!   

To say the last few weeks has been horrendous is an understatement!! A few weeks back we decided to drop the twins dream feed, Eden had been without hers and doing fine for around 3 weeks before.  I’d had the girls 6 month developmental check (that’s their corrected age as they were 2 months prem) and their weights had come back great and they weren’t drinking their morning bottle so we knew it was time. To be fair the first few nights were great, only a couple of wake ups through the night to put a dummy in. Then the clocks changed, and they are definitely teething so all hell started to break loose in the early hours of the morning!! And so begins our sleep deprivation… Around a week of being up and down all night like a frigging yo yo, plus starting work, then to top it off they all had sickness and diahreah, somebody shoot me!! One night they were vomitting in a domino effect we’d change one baby and bedding, then the next one would start, and then the next, it was hideous!! Thank god Steve was on half term as I’m not sure I’d have coped with 4 kids and myself puking! 

It’s been relentless, some days I want to crawl up in a dark hole and never come out, then you get a grip and realise you can’t because you’ve got an army of children to look after! Sleep deprivation is the worst, I hate feeling snappy and emotional, it’s like being on a roller coaster that you can’t get off of, but to top it off you have 4 little people that are dependent on you, like I said its relentless. There always feels like there’s never enough time, it’s hard juggling 3 babies, a household and Flo, I constantly feel guilty I don’t give her enough of my time, but I guess I’d feel that if we’d have only had one extra baby? 

It’s a good job I have a sport background as I don’t think I’d have the mental strength to do this day in day out and still feel like a normal human being! Hats off to any multiple mummies who find it a breeze, I sure as hell don’t!. An important thing for me is to have things to look forward to, it keeps me sane! I like to have physical and fun stuff planned to give me a goal other than bringing up four beautiful girls, so this week has been great to get back into some trampoline show stuff at the sports aid ball, and the winter wolf run with my friends. Granted it’s a bit bonkers to try and cram so much in after the last few weeks but these are things just for me, I think it’s so important to remember I’m still a person not just a mum! 

So the girls are nearly 9 months old, I’m so glad I’m blogging as the time is flying! They are sitting up nearly unaided, rolling and trying to crawl, they absolutely love their food and enjoy sitting with their big sister at the table! It’s so cute hearing their little ‘mamma’ ‘daddas’ they are learning and developing so much each day, when I see their beautiful smiley faces it makes me realise I am strong enough to do this, they won’t be babies forever, so as the posters say, keep calm and carry on!!



8 months old…. Already! 

It’s just over 8 months since the Eden, Amber & Erin were born. The time has flown by, but at the same time we can’t really remember life before they arrived. 

Yes it’s been tough, and on certain days it still is. But with them now starting to develop their own unique personalities (and sleeping through the night) it’s all becoming a lot more rewarding and dare I say easier. 

As you can see they’ve grown so much in 8 months, it’s going to be interesting to see how the whole family grows in another 8 months



Our journey so far..

It’s been a while since my last blog, let’s just say life with triplets and a 3 year old is pretty mental! 

We’ve had our first stint in hospital with Amber, she was pretty poorly with bronchitis and an infection in her lungs, it was awful to see her back on oxygen and to be separated from my other girls. We took turns to stay in hospital and after 6 days we were all back home together. I think the winter will be testing with them all being susceptible to chest infections, but fingers crossed we won’t be back there anytime soon. 

It’s funny because when we first brought the girls home I went into overdrive, not needing much sleep, able to function happily whilst dealing with the daily feeding, changing, crying routine….now we’re nearly 7 months in and it’s pretty fair to say I’m knackered!! We have the girls in a great bedtime routine, that was one thing I was adamant about, we’d done it with Flo and she’s such a good girl when it comes to sleep and bedtime so I wanted to make sure of that for the triplets. They still dream feed at 11, Erin and amber are both still a bit small to drop that feed, Eden not so much she’s a right chunk bless her! We’re going to drop that feed soon with her, by now I’d dropped Flo’s night feed but because there’s 3, you don’t want to ‘upset’ anything I think we wait for stuff until their all ready, sometimes it’s hard to separate them into individuals. That’s definitely something I’ve got to get better at! 

So I still get 452 million comments asking ‘how do I cope’ ‘how do you get anything done’ so I thought a little insight into my week might help!!? So our daily routine always starts around 6.30, Steve showers and takes the first ‘shouter’ down for her milk, or if two are going he’ll take down two and I’ll bring a third, Flo comes down at 7, we feed change all the girls and that then gives me a chance to shower and get changed before Steve heads off to work. 3 mornings a week Flo’s at nursery so once she’s changed and had brekkie I load the team in the car and we go off to nursery she’s always there just gone 8.30am, then each day varies but I much prefer to get out and about, it gives me sanity and the girls are more stimulated so much more content. We’re lucky to have fantastic friends and family that I see regularly each week, we also take Flo to trampoline, swimming and tennis so she gets some time that’s just for her. The girls now feed 4 hourly, so around 6.30/10.30/2.30/6.30 with a dream feed at 11 and we’re now starting the fun bit weaning!! The girls love food, I’m not really surprised, the milk they drink tastes like arse!!! We have a prescription milk as they found they were unable to digest the protein in cows milk, it is vile and smells like wet dog! So we’re gradually getting on breakfast lunch and dinner, once 6 o’clock comes I’m up starting the bathing conveyor belt! Once they are all bathed I feed them upstairs and put them straight down to bed, then that gives me time to play with Flo and sort her out for bed, always though all 4 girls are in bed by 7.15 which gives us a chance to have tea together, then tidy, wash up, do any washing and generally get ready for Groundhog Day! 

I’d be lying if I said I feel brilliant and happy all the time, I think because your tired from being up and down like a yo yo at night putting dummies in, or Flo needs a wee, which she feels she needs you to know about at 3am, then leaving Flo’s room you tred on a bit of dolls house furniture which leaves you hopping about doing the silent banshee dance whilst holding the cut in your foot, you manage to sort it, climb back into bed only to be woke 30 minutes later by Eden having a ‘chat’ Jesus people it’s the night just go to sleep!!!! So it’s no wonder were pretty tired by the morning, and that’s just one night…there’s been hundreds of those all in succession, to say its relentless at times is an understatement!!  It can feel really lonely at times, but any mother knows that feeling, when you feel like the only person you’ve spoken to is a baby, you have nothing much to offer in the way of night time conversation, Steve can talk about his day, where as I feel like I have nothing to offer (except the days where I get shat on in the face!) when your tired it’s easy to fall into that trap of ‘am I depressed?’ I’m so lucky to have Steve and my family and friends as they remind me that’s ‘normal’, most people with one baby feel like this let alone with 3!! That’s why I choose to get up and out, get on with things, do some exercise or take the girls places, because when I’m thinking logically I remember I have one life and it’s important to live it, sport has taught me so much, an important lesson is ‘the road with the most obstacles provides the richest journey’ 

So as crazy as this time is, one day we’ll look back and think ‘we survived’ at least I hope so!! The girls are thriving they are funny, happy, beautiful little munchkins and as mental as my life is I wouldn’t change my family for anything!

The family all together at my best friends wedding


Erin, Amber & Eden enjoying playing together on the living room floor


The First Six Months 

We spoke about making sure we wrote a blog today (been a while since the last one), as today the triplets are 6 months old. Unfortunately, Jaime is in hospital with Amber so the blog is written by me instead. 
It’s been a really quick 6 months, but yet it feels like a life time ago when it was just the three of us, let alone when it was just Jaime and I. This became really apparent to me this afternoon cuddling Amber to sleep in the hospital, it felt a long time (has been 5 months) since the girls and us left the hospital routine on Gosset ward, but yet you slip back into it very quickly, like it was only last week. 

It’s been a tough 6 months, with the disrupted nights sleep, the surround sound of crying that triplets can create, but also the magnified uncertainty of is what we’re doing right? With Flo we managed to find a routine that worked for her fairly quickly (following the principals outlined in a couple of good books). However, with three it’s different, largely because all three of them are different people. That sounds obvious but at 4am when Eden is screaming and Amber and Erin are both asleep it’s hard to remember that (especially when you go into settle Eden for the the fourth time and you now find that it’s Amber who’s awake!). 
A great help was again revisiting the books, and following their basic principles. Thankfully following these we are in a good routine now, with all 3 of the girls sleeping through the night (apart from when they are ill). 
So we have survived the first six months, and like I said earlier it’s the quickest/longest six months I’ve ever known. Our “survival” has in large been down to Jaime, having had a few weeks off work I have no idea how she looks after all 4 of our girls day in day out; she is an unbelievable mother and I’m in awe of what she does. Secondly, the help of our family and friends. Without their help this last six months would have been much much harder, if not impossible. 
So will this six months be the hardest? From those who have kids they already know the answer. One thing is for sure, we wouldn’t change a thing and we are looking forward to the next six months and beyond with our amazing family 


Operation ‘healthy bod’!!

So we’re now 14 weeks on from the the girls day of birth, they are all doing so well, all growing, at last count Eden was 10lb 3, Amber was 8lb 8, and Erin was 8lb 1!! They’ve come such a long way from the tiny little munchkins in incubators, they are smiling and really alert, they may be still slightly small compared to full term 3 month babies but don’t let that fool you, jeeeeez do their lungs work!!!? You literally have to grow such thick skin when they are all crying, they have been fed, changed, been winded and slept yet their still roaring all in unison you could easily fall into the trap of feeling like ‘I’m a bad mum’ ‘I can’t console my own children’ ‘I must be doing something wrong’ but in reality they are just babies, and babies cry!. Once you get your head around this you stop beating yourself up any time they have a screaming fit, you can think about the amazing job we’ve been doing so far!!!

We’ve had a few more appointments with the health visitors, doctor, hearing paediatrician and consultant, and the great news is Erin can hear!!!! We had started to notice her jumping at noises so was hopeful, then she passed her second lot of tests, and so we are hoping for the same result after Ambers retest next week. Fingers crossed! We’ve had an all change again with their formula, after seeing our consultant and expressing our concerns that the girls wouldn’t settle after feeding and sometimes we were lucky to even get them to drink an ounce at a time he suggested we tried a soya based formula as they may have a problem digesting the protein in cows milk. I worried at first he meant they were lactose intolerant but he assured us babies can’t be lactose intolerant that’s something you’d develop later on. So far so good the girls actually drink their bottles and settle afterward!! If it continues well over the next few days we will have to speak to the consultant again when we’re weaning as dairy will have to be gradually introduced. All in all I can’t believe how fantastic they are doing, to think we could have chosen to reduce our pregnancy to one baby doesn’t bear thinking about, they are tough cookies and I’m so proud of each hurdle we/they cross. 

It’s been a crazy journey from pregnancy to now, my body has gone through so many changes, I still don’t have full feeling around my c section scar, my boobs are sagging and I’m a bit wobbly, but I’d promised myself that once I’d had the girls I would get back in shape and feel fit and healthy, I’m still being treated for my pelvis, but this week has seen the start of operation ‘healthy bod’!! I’ve kick started with a clean 9, from forever living this is a fab way for me to cleanse my body and gradually up my exercise after nearly a year off! I was so surprised how fantastic I felt, really energised and the bonus is I’m half a stone lighter and have lost 1.5″ off my tummy, hips and thighs!!! What a kick start!!! Since having the girls I have to think about my time, I want to be there for all 4 of my beautiful girls so I’m building a business with forever from home that fits around my family.

I’m glad I have kept a photo diary week to week throughout pregnancy, I look pretty tired but it’s good to see the massive journey my body has been on to give us 3 more daughters, I also hope it shows people that it takes time to recover, and time for your body to return somewhere like it once was!! 


16-18-20 weeks pregnant


21-22-23 weeks pregnant


24-25-26 weeks pregnant


27-28-29 weeks pregnant


30-31 weeks pregnant

31+5 the girls birthday!

post pregnancy 4weeks- 6 weeks


post pregnancy 8 weeks-10 weeks


13 weeks post pregnancy – after clean 9 here and now!!!

Time has flown and haven’t they grown

I can’t believe it’s pretty much a month since my last blog post!!? Time has just flown by! It’s one big whirl of feeding, changing, crying, playing with the occasional bit of sleep thrown in!! We’ve managed to get out and about a lot with our tribe, they are part of our life and were keen to make sure they are included into our plans, not live in fear we’ll never do anything again. I’ve visited Lizzie and Geoff our Gosset ward roomies and their gorgeous twins over on their farm in brackley, I hope we remain friends for life, I miss them daily, we shared 6 weeks sharing everything all the ups and downs of premature babies, it was great to see them again!  

Lizzie with me and our 5 Gosset graduates

 Steve dusted off his rugby boots and played over in Bedford so that was a great night, with the help of my friends taking all 4 of the girls there to watch daddy! 


Flo enjoying being picked up by Steve after running around at half time at Goldington Road

I popped up to the trampoline centre, I felt very proud showing off my girlies, they got plenty of cuddles from everyone, I also dropped off some gorgeous thank you cards made especially for us from our friend June as a gift, and I picked up a ton more nappies from everyone’s kind donations, there really are no words for people’s kindness. I feel truly blessed. 
So, we have kind of established a good night time routine, we dream feed them around 10-11pm (for those non baby folk that’s where you pick up your baby whilst asleep feed them and put them straight back down, bloody genius!) they generally only wake once through the night around 2 is then up about 6am. Of course there have been days, like with any baby, when it doesn’t quite go to plan…only this time once one baby has finished roaring you’ve got another two that tag team the crying!!!! There has been the odd night of literally no sleep, just craziness!! It’s funny when I had Flo I found it the hardest thing ever, I constantly felt overwhelmed, like I was doing something wrong, I found one baby tough, well now I have 3, all at once, my gosh 1 baby was a walk in the park!!! With one you can take it in turns with your partner in the night if your knackered, but with 3 you just can’t, you have to both be up to feed, hopefully once their feeding is more established and they are finishing their bottles without having to bring up wind every few minutes we can roll a towel or use the bottle holders so they can all feed at once supervised by just one of us.  I’ve turned to my fellow triplet mummies to ask that elusive question of ‘sleeping through the night’ most found a full night sleep pattern around 5 months old or as you call it with pre term babies- X months corrected. Our girls are now 11 weeks old or 3 weeks corrected, they are getting bigger and stronger each day they will catch up! 


The girls getting bigger and stronger every day

They have struggled at the beginning quite badly with their digestion, constipation has been horrific for them often not going for 5-6 days! There were days I’d dread feed time, they just seemed in so much pain, not nice to watch or hear, But since changing their milk from the prescription formula which was so thick and heavy, to aptimil they have been so much better! The only thing different now is we have to give them their vitamins everyday until they are a year old. For any new mums out their grab yourself a bottle of gripe water, we’ve found it an absolute god send when their suffering we pipet a dropper full into their mouths before feeds, it’s actually help them to drink their bottles without being in pain and they wind so much easier afterwards! 

Erin and Amber have had their hearing re tests and the good news is they can both hear out of one ear each! We have more re tests it’s quite possible that it’s congestion in their tiny ear canals causing the loss of hearing, so fingers crossed for the next tests! 

We’ve also taken them to see a baby osteopath this has definitely helped the digestion and made them more alert. I’ve also had a good old clunk and click at the osteo, I’m back in just over a week, I can’t wait for that treatment as I should get the all clear to start exercising properly!! When you’ve come from a sporting background it’s really difficult to be told ‘your not to workout until 12 weeks’ I’m itching to get back to the gym, to getting on the trampoline and my gym fit sessions that I ran at n.t.g.a! If I’m brave enough I’ll post my pregnancy and post baby body pics on my next blog and the transition into exercise post baby, my aim is to see my tummy muscles again!!!!….

I’m regularly asked ‘how do you cope’ short answer.. You just do!! Let’s be honest what can you do? Not cope? Forget to feed them? Leave them somewhere!? I mean come on!!! Yes it’s a challenge, yes sometimes we’re tired, yes sometimes it feels like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, but their our babies! We made them, all at the same time! I grew them all 3 in my tummy, they were tiny, they’ve been prodded and poked, had needles stuck in them, stuff done to their eyes and ears but their coping.  So I’m damn sure that two grown 35 years old adults can and will cope, you have to!! 

I know I am so lucky to have the support of amazing family and friends.  I see someone everyday, people pop in to help with feeds, have a brew and a chin wag, or I strap all 4 of my hareem in the car and we go visiting!!! I’m not afraid to ask for help if I need it.  Hats off to the ladies that do this by themselves, but while I have the offers of help I will take it!! 


Flo, Eden, Amber and Erin with my Mum and Dad

I can’t imagine life without our twiglets now, Flo has been incredible, she absolutely adores them it’s like they’ve always been part of our family. I don’t want to wish their lives away but I can’t wait to see how the develop, together and as individuals, one thing is for sure, our house will never be dull!!!

Eat, sleep, change, repeat 

The girls have been home just over a week now, and what a week it’s been! I felt so emotional leaving Gosset ward with the girls, the nurses and doctors have done such an amazing job building our ladies up enough so they could come home.  I’ve seen the staff everyday for 5 weeks, they become more than staff they have become friends. So even though we were excited to leave it was also very sad. 

We had spent the previous 2 days picking up any last bits we needed for the girls, we had put a cot up downstairs for the day time and 3 bouncy chairs ready for 3 little bums! It felt strange to have all our family together for the first time.  Steve showed the girls around their new house, before we kick started into our new routine with the babies! It was quite late once we went to bed but I felt so wired that I couldn’t sleep! The girls are currently all sharing a cot in their own room, I know there will be a lot of opinions about this, but we have to do what works for us, and this does! I lay there listening for them, every little sound or mummer I’d get up and check on, monitor firmly pressed next to my ear!! There were numerous times I’d get up to check if they were breathing, any mum out there will understand that feeling! 

Amber, Erin & Eden all tucked up for their first night at home

We survived the first night! That feeling of accomplishment between us was great, we had successfully looked after 3 babies, just another 18 years to go!!! It’s was great to have the girls home in the Easter holidays as steve is off work, then this week paternity leave so we’ve managed to get out together in the lovely weather. Our first outing probably took us two hours to get the girls ready, then figure out their buggy (for all those wondering I’ve gone with a double and a sling) but we didn’t care, we’d done it! I felt so impressed we’d managed to leave the house with 4 daughters and then arrive home with them all in one piece! I’m not going to lie, we got quite a few stares, or double takes, or people counting the babies, but I felt so proud I almost wanted to shout, ‘yes there’s 3’ ‘yes they are all ours including Flo’ and ‘yes they are natural’!!! 

It was my mums birthday over the weekend so we met family and friends at our local park cafe for lunch then back to ours, we had a steady stream of visitors on the Saturday which was nice for our family and friends to finally meet them for a cuddle. Steve had planned to ‘wet the babies head’ that Saturday as he expected the girls to still be in hospital! Well the tough little cookies wanted to come home but I felt steve still needed to go as a lot of friends and family had already got it in the diary. That night was pretty rough to say the least with the girls, they were very unsettled, straining in pain as they were constipated, if it wasn’t for my lovely friend Lauren staying the night to help I think I may have gone insane on my 40 minutes sleep!!! 

We decided that on Sunday we would really try to get the girls onto 4 hourly feeds, they left the hospital doing this but I guess due to their different appetites and the fact they are babies their pattern had got a bit higgledeepigglydee! We had a quiet couple of days to get them into a pattern, they have been prescribed lactalose as they had been so constipated on the nutraprem formula and had only pooed once since being home (not good). 

It feels like a whirlwind of craziness this last week, but we’ve been conscious to not let it confine us to our house, yes we have 4 kids but life has to go on, you’ve got to get up and get moving!! We are pleased to say we have established a good day and night routine for us, now they have been to the loo they are such contented babies. They comfort each other when they are in their cot, they feed every 3.5 hours through the day and 4 hours through the night, we make sure they are all fed at the same time, we’ve even managed to get bath time with 4 girlies so they are all in bed by 7.30!! 

All 4 of our girls enjoying a bedtime story

We both know there will be sleepless nights ahead of us, and plenty of challenging situations, but we both know this part doesn’t last forever, it may be hard for the first few months whilst they are so dependant on us, but we’re trying to savour every moment, even the crap ones as its over in a flash!! 

Loving every minute and thing about our little girls